Jesus Christ: Superstar

Catholicism and mathematics.

Vicar of Christ. The greatest mathematician.

Jesus Christ was a mathematical superstar. This is proven, every Easter Sunday, in Rome, not far from the Roman Forum, at St. Peter’s death place, where the ‘stand-in’ ‘Jesus Christ’ (the vicar) delivers an homily, about a gospel, that is, traditionally, delivered, each year, in both Latin and Greek.

To remind us, all, that Greeks and Romans shared (still share) a ‘circular’ relationship. They learned to cooperate (as they continued to ‘compete’). The ‘Greek Orthodox’ are still, technically, separate, from the ‘Roman Catholics,’ though they celebrate the same ‘religion.’ Go figure. (The fate of history, unresolved).

This ‘gospel’ is ‘according to John,’ telling the ‘story’ of an ‘empty tomb,’ from which Jesus disappeared, ascended, resurrected. Which is the core idea of Christianity (and physics), the fact, a human is a ‘child of God,’ that has the ‘capability’ to ‘deliver him-her-self,’ from ‘death.’ Using symbols to articulate (prove) reality.

Universal Symbolism

The symbol looks like this:

Zero and one. Father and son.

The ‘gospel,’ comes from a ‘book,’ that tells the story of the ‘birth’ and ‘death’ of ‘Christ,’ God’s ‘only son,’ (his lonely son). It also tells the story of many other people, including Abraham, who was asked to ‘sacrifice his son’ (the old convenant), and Moses who was asked to ‘deliver his son’ (find his true ‘identity’ in the ‘promised land’).

Both of these men (and ‘stories’) are precursors (necessary) for the ‘new covenant’ (the ‘direct’ relationship between a ‘human’ and a ‘god’) (the ‘sacrifice of a man’ instead of an ‘animal’)(via the ‘holy spirit’) ( ‘pi’, the ‘connector’ between any zero and-or one, especially, mind and matter, abstract and concrete, virtual and real).

All of this is based on the ancient religious ideas of yin and yang (father and son) (X and Y) (circumference and diameter). Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit. This was interpreted by ancient people in the symbolic system called ‘astrology.’ They knew, as we do, there is ‘no such thing as ‘one.’’

Mathematical Repetition (Reproduction and Sequence)

Astrology was at the forefront of religion at the time of Jesus’ birth. Astrology was carried down through ‘all religions,’ especially after ancient tribes discovered yin and yang was zero and one. Knowing, as they did, a basic circle, using a basic line, could recreate a triangle (pyramid), at any scale, which is, nothing more than a sequence (circle, to be exact) of ‘squares’ (the Pythagorean triangle).

Which throws (and threw) traditional ‘mathematics’ into a sudden ‘state’ of ‘chaos.’ Explaining uncertainty. Hidden ‘variables.’ The (circular) relationship between abstract and concrete (constant and variable).

Meaning both a triangle and a square are, more basically, circles. (Which causes the confusion, today, between quantum physics and ‘regular’ reality.)

Pyramids were based on mathematics (similar circles), which, is based on the ‘zero’ and the ‘one’ (the ‘father’ and the ‘son’). Which is (and was) based on religion (check out ‘Indian’ ideas of religion and you will find they called them ‘maths’).

All the rest that followed was a repetition of the rest (ubiquitous circles). Meaning, you can’t get away from the zero or the one. If zero, then one, means if one, then zero. Reality is unbelievably redundant (fungible) (ambiguous). Traditional ideas of time (back and forth) (here and now) (then and there) require the zero and the one (the father and the son).

Father and son. Literal and figurative.

Duplicitous ‘Religions’

You can translate the zero and the one into anything you want. Explaining the unlimited volume of ‘data,’ the ‘collection’ of ‘data,’ the ‘interest in data.’ By now humans have ‘invented’ many ‘systems’ to take the place of ‘astrology’ and ‘religion.’ Yet, all of these are based on mathematics, which, is based on ancient religion which is based on mathematics. (0 (1) 0).

You can’t get away from the ‘religion’ called ‘mathematics.’ Again, this is because, most basically, the zero and the one, are, more realistically (and, technically) circumference and diameter. Literally. Thus, figuratively.

And this explains why all narratives (religion or otherwise) articulate the zero and the one (yin and yang). Opposing ideas. Conflict. Resolution.

Resolution of ‘Death’ (No Such Thing as ‘Death’ on a ‘Circle’)

From this point of view, birth and death articulate a circle, as do father and son, god and man, resurrection and redemption. The ‘word’ is a ‘symbol’ and a ‘symbol’ begins and ends with (and in) mathematics. All symbols articulate an uber-hidden (ultra-present) circle. (Technically, the ‘number’ ‘two.’) (50–50).

Thus, father-son and holy-ghost (pi-diameter-circumference) articulates a three-state-system (beginning-middle-end) which is present in all of our disciplines (mathematics notwithstanding). And is, actually, a two-state system (two and-or three articulate the same reality).

This makes ‘Jesus Christ’ a superstar (the first (and last) physician). Where, technically, physician means ‘physicist.’ The most important mathematician (of all time). And the precursor for all technologists (business leaders) (financiers) (musicians) (artists) (writers) (thinkers of all kinds).

Using a ‘Stage’ to ‘Act Things Out’ (Turn ‘Virtual’ into ‘Real’)

So, we act things out on a stage, in either ‘ancient’ terms, or ‘modern.’ To tell an uber-simple story. You cannot have a zero without a one. And, always, vice versa. The ‘word’ was (and still is) ‘made flesh.’

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.



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