Jung, Einstein, and Noether: The Technology Behind Physics

The marriage of psychology, physics, and, philosophy, gives us pure mathematics. Eliminates the need for mathematics.

Zero and one.

Zero and one is X and Y. Circumference. And, diameter.

This is Noether’s theorem. Conservation, and, symmetry, are joined, and, separated, by, a circle (1918). This takes us back to Einstein (1905). Energy, and, mass, are joined, and, separated, by, a circle (also known as ‘light’).

This takes us back to Jung. You can’t put a date on Jung. Because Jung translated astrology into psychology. Because astrology, and, astronomy, are joined, and, separated, by, a circle. Also known as, yin. And, yang.

So, here, we have, the marriage, of, psychology, physics, and philosophy. Also east and west and north and south (polarity and spin). Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit. Something every human knows. By heart. (And, mind).

Therefore, yin and yang are zero and one. (Circumference and diameter.)(Rotation and revolution.) This is the technology behind physics. Eliminating the need for mathematics. Not all that complicated.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.