Land of Enchantment: New Mexico Start-Up

Think of New Mexico as the Geometric Center of the World…

Think of New Mexico as the Geometric Center of the World…

That is, New Mexico becomes a node on a decentralized global network (where all nodes on the network are geometric ‘centers’ of the world).

The Sun Clock

It starts with the idea that indigenous people have preserved ancient cultural rituals (all over the globe) which hold a natural cycle (yin and yang) as the basis for, what humans call, ‘reality.’ (Today, zero and one.)

Thus, the New Mexican flag articulates an ancient ‘sun’ clock, which everybody knows as, ‘fire,’ ‘earth,’ ‘air,’ and ‘water.’ FIre, earth, air, and water, are tokens on a circle (tokens for locations N, S, E, W, on a circle).

Giving us the ‘ancient’ basis for modern science and mathematics.

That is, yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern).

The Cryptic Universe

This has evolved, today, into the world of ‘crypto-currency.’ Where, again, ancient tribes began the practice of tokenizing ‘reality’ by using ‘tokens’ for ‘exchange.’ They tokenized ‘reality’ in order to monetize time (make it easier to trade goods).

Again, both ‘tokens’ and ‘exchange’ articulate (and are articulated by) the New Mexican flag (an uber-simple (always-conserved) circle). (Where, again, N-S-E-W tokenize 12–6–3–9 on, and as, a circle.)

This is because Nature is articulated by (and, thus, articulates) an uber-basic (always-conserved) circle. Again, as ancient people knew.

Thus a circle gives us the basis for a micro-processor (energy in general). And a micro-processor, then, gives us the basis (and the architecture) for a casino.

Where a casino, technically, is tokenizing a circle (and crypto-currency is, also, technically, tokenizing a circle). (Again, back to the New Mexican flag.)

Gaming as a Service

Thus, casinos, today, on ancient lands, are articulating (and articulated by) the sun (energy, and microprocessors). A continual, recirculating cycle.

Thus, a start-up, goes back in time, to recover ancient ideas, in order to update (and upgrade) man’s thinking about (and experience with) technology.

That is, microprocessors, today, are dependent on a silicon chip, where silicon, its ‘self’ is dependent upon the sun.

Thus, we can, rethink the microprocessor, in ancient terms (yin and yang) (zero and one), in order to re-use the energy of the sun.

Think: the tokenization of energy by recirculating the energy of a game (the casino) in order to energize a global, solar-based, (singular) micro-processor (thar produces (more-than) enough ‘energy’ for the world).

New Generation of Technology

This will introduce a whole new generation of technology (processing in general) that starts with a universal architecture that goes all the way back in time to man’s original thinking about his (and her) relationship to the sun:

Thus, the above is the ‘Universal System Architecture’ that allows us to rethink the micro-processor, crypto-technology, and, man’s relationship to the sun (energy in general) (tokenization in general) (man’s behavior, and man’s ‘systems’ in general) in order to revolutionize (dramatically update) everything.

See ‘The Circular Theory’ on for more in-depth information. And, also, Intelligent Design Center for the outline of the ‘geometric center’ that will revolutionize (is already revolutionizing) mankind’s thinking about the ‘tokenized reality,’ and cryptic universe, we live in. (Meaning: technically, everything is a token for everything else.) Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

Living in a Tokenized (Think: Cryptic) Reality | by Ilexa Yardley | The Circular Theory | Jun, 2021 | Medium




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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