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Letter to Readers of The Literal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Humans seek a unification theory in order to understand Nature, and ’reality,’ in general.

Humans, also, hope this theory will expose the ‘reason for life,’ and, for the ‘universe’ in general.

The Mathematics Behind Mathematics

Normally, we use mathematics to discover this unification theory. We (may) start with a ‘unit’ circle.

However, the ‘unit circle’ that we are ‘currently’ using cannot be correct, since using a circumference as the ‘definition’ for a circle is not completely correct.

This is because a circumference is not possible without a diameter. The diagram in this article corrects this error and exposes the unification theory we seek.

It also gives us a universal system(s) architecture, the correct diagram for an atom, a molecule, an electron, a unit, at any scale.

It exposes the ‘reality’ called ‘Zeno’s paradox.’

And, shows why we cannot use arithmetic or algebra to discern or describe a unification theory. We can only use the diagram.

Motivation at any Scale (in any Universe)

The diagram provides the motivation for a unit at any scale. This includes the ‘universe’ as a unit, where the motivation for a universe (at any scale) is the conservation of a circle (the diagram).

For those who (will) (or may) say: the article needs more elaboration, I submit the following: Language depends on complementary identity (a.k.a relative identity, where any identity is dependent on at least and at most one other identity (as the diagram shows, and proves).

The diagram is one circle, many circles, zero circles, three circles, two circles, five or six circles, four circles, ten circles, twelve circles, any number of circles you can name. Meaning, it is, necessarily, ambiguous.

Limitations of Language and Symbolic Representations in General

This is because a circle is a circumference and diameter, knowing nothing of human numbering, or language, systems, yet responsible for humans, and human numbering, or language, systems.

This explains why I have not used more ‘language’ (elaborated further) in my article. And, also, proves, why you should take the time, to consider it, seriously, think about it, deeply, and, then, incorporate it into your every-day life (perhaps, share it with others).

Everybody knows the circle is foundational. Yin and yang (ancient) is, obviously (or, maybe, not-all-that-obviously), zero and one (modern).

So, once people become aware of the Circular Theory, science can continue on a more solid ‘foundation.’

The Explanation for Behavior (General and Specific)

The Circular Theory explains all of the behavior in Nature, including, and, especially, from the human’s point of view, human behavior (‘reality’ as humans perceive, and construct, it).

This is because, when all is said and done, no matter what is said and done, pi is the only observer (pi controls reality).

Thank you for your consideration. More elaboration (information), if you need it, at www.Circular-Reality.com, and https://www.Medium.com/The-Circular-Theory


Ilexa Yardley, Author, The Circular Theory, Founder, Intelligent Design Center

The Literal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (please review).



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