Living in Your Head

Mind and matter share a circular relationship, and it’s not located in your brain.

Mind. And matter.

Half-of-us live in our head. And, the other-half, our body. Where head, and body, share a circular relationship (can’t have one without the other) (in the abstract sense) (and, in the concrete sense).

Count the number of people you see with ear buds in. Yep. They’re living in their heads (for now). If they are in front of a computer screen, or veering into a smart phone, same thing. Mind and matter share a (mandatory) circular relationship. So, while they are living in their heads, the circle is conserving, and preserving, itself.

Meaning, everything is virtual (again, a circular relationship between virtual and real). Why everything is moving to technology (zero and one, circumference and diameter). And why the big questions have to do with, well, the big issues. Mind and matter, the first, and most important (artificial intelligence, augmented reality) (internet of things) (data gathering, analysis, visualization).

So, then, the questions about the future. I don’t know. Are we going to develop bigger heads? There are more serious, and more outrageous questions than this floating around out there. And they all come from ‘living in our heads.’ Worth considering (I’m sending you to your head) (ha ha).

Conservation of the circle (your mind and body) (in a circular relationship) is the core dynamic in nature. Easy to see this. Even easier to exploit. Enjoy.