Living With a Technophile

Zero and one conserve a circle, keeps us separate. And safe.

Smartphone is the partner.

Zero and one conserve a circle. This keeps us separate. And safe.

Which is why you cannot have a partner. You are your only partner. All partners now, are technophiles, meaning, zero and one are the prototype for partners. Meaning, the smartphone is your partner.

Zero and one are circumference and diameter, literally and figuratively, and this explains the relationship between mathematics and literature. Why a left brained person is attracted to a right brain, and vice versa. Zero and one go on a journey, they separate, then join, and, then they decide, in the end to separate, or join.

You cannot have a one without a two, and you cannot have a two without a one, meaning, if you have a partner, you are going to get along at-most, and at-least half-the-time. Half-the-time is all-the-time for technophiles. They get this. And they live it. Or, I should say, you get it. And you live it. You can have a partner. Half-time.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (technology, biology, finance).