Manipulating the Truth

There is no truth.

True and false.

Everything is true because everything is false. This is what you (we) are experiencing in media right now. And, it is because of technology.

Zero and one is X and Y (circumference and diameter) because there is a mandatory circle between any character (and the truth). Where character is another word for symbol, and symbol is another word for symbolic version of the truth.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you wish to see it, there is no truth (except there is no truth). And this takes our attention to the double negative, which is the basis for technology (everything right now).

You cannot have a zero without a one because you cannot have a diameter without a circumference, and you cannot draw this, actually, you have to ‘know it’ using your mind. This is because mind is pi, controlling and symbolizing, diameter and circumference. Also, known as zero and one (one and two) (any number) (any letter) (any symbol). A simple string (the simplest string is zero, one).

So, technology is the only truth. Young people know this better than old. Technologists know this better once they can code.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.