Media MisRepresentation

Why, and, also, how, it happens…

Media consists of a continual set of opinions (and ‘facts’) designed to help a human ‘survive’ (and, reproduce).

That is, media tells us ‘what to believe’ and ‘what not to believe.’ Or, at least it ‘tries to.’ With, or without, bias.

This is because zero and one is circumference and diameter. Meaning any X and Y (anything in the ‘media’) is based on the mandatory circular relationship between one human and another.

This means, the most basic number in Nature (and in the media) is the number ‘two.’ (Not-one.)

Explaining why all of the ‘opinions’ and ‘facts’ offered (transmitted) by the ‘media’ are, naturally, half-true, and half-false.

This means all of us misrepresent facts, at-most, and at-least, half-the-time.

This is because you cannot have ‘all-the-time’ without ‘half-the-time.’

Meaning, everyone is, blatantly, dishonest, and, unintentionally, hypocritical, half-the-time.

This takes some time to ‘think’ about. But if you take the time, you are (will be) (must be half-the-time) the ‘great’ equalizer.

Observation is, always, only half-true, because there is a mandatory circular relationship between true and false. (Yes and no.) (Any X and-or Y.) Also, known as, complementary identity.

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Worth exploring if you want to ‘understand’ what is ‘really’ happening around you. How and why the ‘media’ operates.



Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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