Medium vs. Amazon vs. Google

The value of a string of text.

String of text. (Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov)

A string of text has value to a human, who wants to know about, and, analyze, other humans. Human behavior. And, human thought. So, Medium, and Amazon, and Google, base their businesses, and business model, on the string of text.

In this day and age, all businesses are based on simple strings, and text. Where the basis for the string, and text, is the zero and the one.

On Medium (and, therefore, Google, and, then, eventually, Amazon) the human is attached to several strings of text. These strings give value to the human, and, also, meaning to the human. Thus, value to the string of text.

A machine can read the human via the human’s string of text.

The machine ‘reading’ of a human, and the human’s strings of text, also has ‘value.’ Today, the leaders monetizing strings of text are Amazon and Google. Also Facebook, and Twitter. And, of course, many others. Because everything reduces (and expands) to one simple string of text. Zero, and, one.

Half of all humans do not know this until you point it out, and, then, all humans know this. Meaning, they knew it even when they didn’t ‘know it.’

Thus, analyzing strings of text, and selling both the strings, and the analysis, of the text, is what a human calls ‘intelligence.’

It all boils down to the circular relationship between the human and text, the human, and the monetization of text, the human, and the analysis of text, the human, and the machine, that can now replace the human, when it comes to text, and the analysis, and monetization, of the machine, that can also create the text.

So, this forces all of us to notice, the zero and the one, is human.

The zero and the one is, intelligence, text, analysis, and monetization. Not just the basis for these. The actuality of these.

All because a zero and a one is circumference, and, diameter.

The conservation of an uber-basic circle (also known as line) (string) (human) (machine) (intelligence) (virtual) (artificial) (real), gives meaning, and value, to Medium, Amazon, and Google. Meaning, Medium, Amazon, and Google, will, eventually, merge.

Everything in nature is most basically one string of text: if one, then zero.

Meaning, if two, then one.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.