Men and Women, Love and Sex, Opposing Strategies (Everybody Lies)

Opposing strategies protect the species.

X and Y conserve a circle. 50–50 is the constant, and the norm.

Don’t expect to get the whole truth from anyone (especially a sexual partner) because you can’t give the whole truth to anyone yourself.

Nature makes truth-telling impossible, so, in sexual relationships both people get burned. He is looking for sex, she is looking for love, and neither is willing to give what the other wants (exclusively). They are both looking for love and sex, with opposite timing.

Looking for love. Oppositional timing.

Nature knows nothing at all about exclusivity. Because the circle has to conserve itself (it cannot be exclusive if it wants to be exclusive). Etc. You get this. You have to think about it carefully. Try to stop lying about sex (realize no one gets what they want 100 percent) (we are all stuck with 50–50) (meaning, we all lie). Meaning we are all disappointed half-the-time, evenly distributed (despite what you learn the classroom).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.