Mereology and The ‘Singularity’

A whole and its parts produce the singularity called ‘Nature.’

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A whole and its parts produce the system architecture for (and, thus, the singularity called) ‘Nature.’


Circular-Linear Reality

That is, the circular-linear relationship between a whole and a part (formally known as mereology) answers classical (and quantum) questions about ‘relationships’ in Nature.

A whole requires a half, and a half requires a whole, proving the conservation of a circle (the required circular-linear relationship between a whole and its parts):

Conservation of a Circle

Proving, the relationship between any X and Y (any X and X) (any X and X’) (every X and Y) (every X and X) (every X and X’) is explained, and controlled, by the conservation of a circle. Thought of as ‘unification’ and ‘unitization.’ (A unit in any discipline.) (General Relativity.) (A Singularity of Singularities.) (The Cryptic Universe).

Half and Whole
Individual and Group
X and Y
The Singularity (Unitization) (Unification)

Meaning the conservation of a circle explains and controls, what humans know as ‘reality.’ Where ‘reality’ is the tokenization of a circle, no matter how humans have defined relationships (nouns and verbs) in Nature. (Explaining TIK TOK, the metaverse, crypto and blockchain technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, virtual intelligence, artificial reality, intelligent anarchy, intelligent autonomy, the mind, and, the self). (A unit in any system.) (The Cryptic Universe). Autonomy in general. Anarchy in general.

Tokenization (Representation) (Superposition)

How it works: what we often label superposition, but is more accurately labeled tokenization, is the philosophical (physical) (and psychological) (also biological) (and technical) (realistic) (and metaphysical) (meta-philosophical) relationship between a circumference and a diameter. Also, known as tokenization, and-or, representation. (The Cryptic Universe.)

Circumference and Diameter

This is the correct language (and the correct explanation) for any pair (whole and-or part): the circular-linear relationship between any X and-or Y turns everything into one zero and one one (one circumference and one diameter). Which, to humans, is known as (the philosophy, physics, and psychology, of) information.


Symbolic Structures

This is because it is impossible to have a half without a whole (a whole without a half), meaning, all of the symbolic structures in Nature, are, more technically, defined (and controlled) by the conservation of a circle (it is impossible to have a circumference without a diameter).

For example, language, in any, and every, discipline) presents its ‘self’ as a set of characters in a line, where the line is, always, diameter (and circumference) of a circle (thus one-zero, one-one) (one-circumference) (one-diameter), because there is a mandatory, conserved, circular-linear relationship between an individual and a group (any individual, any group) (every individual, every group).

Meaning, everything humans think they know, based on numbers and alpha characters, is more formally reduced (or expanded) to this diagram. Because, technically, to Nature there is nothing more.

The Singularity (a.k.a. The Self)

The Singularity called ‘Nature’

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature. Producing the Singularity called ‘Nature.’ Explaining (exposing the fallacy involved in), what humans have defined as, mereology. Also, known, as ‘reality’.

This would be (could be) (is, probably) (possibly) impossible for humans to accept (or, maybe, understand), since we are, as humans, programmed (by Nature) (by the conservation of a circle) (by the Singularity) (The Cryptic Universe) to use (and, thus believe in) language (all disciplines of human study) (observation in general human and non-human).

So, if you want to go there in your ‘thoughts,’ language is Nature’s way of protecting (more correctly, conserving) its ‘self’ (hiding the conservation of a circle (the ‘Singularity’) (The Cryptic Universe) behind a token). If you don’t understand this, and-or, if you don’t agree with it, it wouldn’t matter to Nature. Either way, you are, technically, conserving a circle (no matter what you think) (no matter what you do) (mind is ‘pi’) (unable to be divided into parts and wholes). (It’s all, and only, about the diagram.) (50–50 everything) (The ‘arithmetic number’ ‘two.’) The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
General Relativity , Yardley, Ilexa — Tokenization: The Key to Philosophy, Physics, and Psychology eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
The Cryptic Universe: How Technology is Answering Our Deepest Questions about Reality — Kindle edition by Yardley, Ilexa. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @
The Singularity , Yardley, Ilexa —

See, especially, General Relativity. Space joins (and separates) any X… | by Ilexa Yardley | The Circular Theory | Jun, 2022 | Medium

LIV Golf is an accurate representation (presentation) (tokenization) (articulation) of how Nature operates (and how Nature organizes its ‘self’) (mereology (conservation of a circle) (individuals) (and groups) (parts and wholes) in (circular-linear) action).

Listen While You ‘Think’ (Mereology and Memetics (Conservation of a Circle) (General Relativity) (The Singularity) in Action)



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