Metamodernism: Identity for a Digital Age

Everything entangled with everything else.

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally. And, figuratively.

Rotation, revolution, and, radiation, involve the conservation of a circle. Any zero and one is, necessarily, circumference and diameter. We can prove this, easily, because zero and one (abstract) is zero and one (concrete) (circumference and diameter).

This is the basis for a physical system (the circular relationship between zero and one, abstract and concrete). It looks like this:

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. Abstract and concrete.

We can say that X and Y are zero and one, by simple substitution, proving pi is the basis (background state) for physical (and abstract) (literal and figurative) reality. Meaning duplicity is the basis for a unit, and, vice versa.

Mathematics and Physics

This gives us the basis for mathematics, and, also, physics. Meaning the variable is constant, and the constant is a variable. Also, articulated ‘perpetual motion is absolute zero’ (and vice versa).

Again, a circular relationship between X and Y (zero and one) (circumference and diameter) produces any (and, every) X and-or Y. This proves a circle is conserved, with every observation.

There is a circular relationship separating, and joining, any, and every, observation, and observer. Making observation possible (and probable). This means the number ‘two’ is constant.

Entanglement (Zero and One) (One and Two)

What we see in the diagram is several entangled circles. Connected, and, therefore, separated, X and Y (zero and one) (circumference and diameter). Any string of characters is maximum-minimum zero-and-or-one.

Any part of the diagram, articulates the entire diagram (and vice versa). To understand the diagram fully, you can reduce, and-or expand it (articulate it as) two circles. Connected into one.

Or, if you like, separated into one. There is a forced ambiguity between the words ‘connected’ and ‘separated’ (reduced and-or expanded) (maximum and-or minimum).

Notation and Sequence

You can also, if you like, decide to see the diagram as zero circles, one circle, an infinite number of circles. Also, three, four, five, or six circles. Any number of circles, produces (expands and reduces to) two circles.

This gives us the basis for sequence. Which gives us the basis for position. And, also, then, time (and, space).

This means a hidden circle is the basis for everything.

Zero and one. One and two. Two and three.

Complementarity and Identity

Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit, because a simple circle is conserved. (X and X, X and X’, X and Y)

This means the forced ambiguity in mathematics and physics explains why, in quantum mechanics, we have several systems within a system (sets of two and-or three). A ‘double identity.’

As proven, and illustrated, above, you cannot have one without two, two without three, three without one. This is because a basic circle (universal circularity) is one-two-three (pi-diameter-circumference) continually entangled. The diagram above is both abstract, and, concrete (one and-or two) (two and-or three) (zero and-or one).

Complementarity. Identity.

Meta-Modernism (Meta-Everything)

Therefore, every abstract system is based on the complement. Meaning, the abstract is concrete. Meaning everyone is everything (entangled with everything else). (Where ‘pi’ is the proven ‘entangler.’)

This is forced by digital reality (zero and one) (artificial intelligence) (virtual reality). Meaning if zero, then one (if one, then zero). Circularity is the basis for digital reality, also known as relativity (and-vice versa).

Or, more clearly, circularity is an ‘other’ word for reality, as defined by complementary identity. Meaning, complementarity is an ‘other’ word for identity. Which is the onus, and the thesis, and, therefore, the reality, and the relevance, of, (the urgency of) meta-modernism (everything connected, and-or linked, to everything else) (on-the-fly) (at random).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (basis for, and realization of, meta-modernism).



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