Man-Made Systems vs. Mind-Made Systems

Mind does not operate using sequence (also known, to ‘man,’ as ‘time’). Think: philosophical, and physical, fusion.

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Mind does not operate using sequence. Meaning, mind does not operate using time. This is clear and does not need to be proven (explaining why humans must be ‘taught’ to think in sequence).

Man-Made (MM1)

Man-made systems (MM1) require data and time in order to exist (and evolve). That is, zero and one, in a man-made system (MM1), occurs in sequence (in either direction). It looks like this (and depends upon the number ‘one’):

01 (10) (0 (1) 0) (1 (0) 1)

Mind-Made (MM2)

Mind-made systems (MM2) have no use, and no requirement, for the number ‘one.’ (Explaining why mathematics does not give us ‘real’ answers.) It looks like this:


The difference between MM1 and MM2 is, what a human labels (or tokenizes as) (the ‘word’) (and the ‘concept’ called), ‘sequence.’ Mind knows nothing of sequence, and, therefore, nothing having to do with human ideas (which all require ‘time’) (thus, sequence).

This is because, the universal system architecture of Nature is constant (and everything else is variable) (a variable) (many variables) (the variable). Explaining what we experience by observation (and, thus, representation) (tokenization) (sequence).

Thus, technically, any ‘observer-based’ system does not exist. Try to tell this to a human (who has learned to function with the observation, and, thus, creation, of tokens without recognizing he-she-it is, also, a token). Where a token can only be accurately represented by the diagram above (the universal system architecture of Nature) (the diagram below):

Nature (Conservation of a Circle)

Without a proper understanding of this diagram a human cannot fully understand Nature (the environment within which he-she-it must function).

This is because the Conservation of a Circle is the core (and, thus, the only) dynamic in Nature. This upsets the applecart when it comes to everything we think we ‘know’ (all ideas) (all of the representations of ideas) (token and tokenization).

Meaning there are, technically, no phase transitions, no symmetries being ‘broken’, and no information-based ‘realities’ (as humans understand information) being shared. Only tokens. Tokenization of a circle (is a circle) (as a circle). Meaning, quite literally, everything in Nature is the tokenization of a circle.

Again, Conservation of the Circle (tokenization) (of a circle) is the only dynamic in Nature. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

If you want to explore this more fully, watch the movie ‘Margin Call.’ (Finance is a much better representation (and, therefore, provides a much more accurate understanding) of Nature.) In Nature, an asset is, always, a liability.

Readers are reminded this material is Copyright Ilexa Yardley all rights reserved.



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