Mind: Not (in) the Brain

Ilexa Yardley
Apr 13 · 4 min read

X and X always references a circle.

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If you are ‘not’ an abstract ‘thinker,’ you will have a hard time understanding this article. ‘Half-of-us’ are, definitely, ‘not’ abstract thinkers.


This is because you need a half in order to have a whole. And, you, also, then, need a concrete ‘thinker’ in order to have an ‘abstract’ thinker.

This is because X and X always references a circle (we live in a referential reality) (where everything is referenced by everything else). This is because there is an always-present circle between any X and X. Where it is impossible to have an ‘X’ without at-least, and, at-most, one other ‘X.’

X and X

You can only ‘get at’ this (reference it) by using the diagram. The diagram shows that ‘X and X’ is, technically, two circles in a circle.

Where the word ‘circle,’ technically, means, circumference and diameter (two circles in a circle). Humans, like everything else in Nature, are tokens for a circle. Thus, we (they) create, like everything else in Nature, tokens for a circle.


Which is why yin and yang (ancient) is a reference for zero and one (modern). They both articulate an always-conserved (the conservation of a) circle.

Yin and Yang (Zero and One) (Circumference and Diameter)
Conservation of a Circle

This means, what humans label, and experience, as ‘mind’ is the conservation of a circle (technically, ‘pi’) (because pi holds X and X together) (because pi keeps X and X apart).

This is the technical explanation for gravity (why the earth rotates and revolves) (why the sun radiates).


But, more importantly, for a human, this is the technical explanation for the referential (and tokenized) reality that is proven by ‘language’ (symbols of any kind).

Referential (Tokenized) Reality

That is, mind is an abstract reality, meaning it has no physical (concrete) ‘presence’ allowing it to tokenize (appear as) a concrete presence.

That is, there is a circular relationship between any X and X, concrete, and abstract. Meaning the diagram is a concrete abstraction that proves the correct term for ‘mind’ is ‘pi.’

This is because everything that goes into, or comes out of, ‘mind’ is half-abstract, half-concrete. Technically, no matter how it is observed (by humans) (in Nature) (as ‘reality’), it is, more technically, observed as, the diagram (Nature observes everything as this diagram):

Pi (Concrete Abstraction)


Meaning, the diagram is the token for representation, identification, and interpretation (any word) (any idea) (any concept). (Abstraction as a noun. And abstraction as a verb.) Where everything a human does requires an‘abstraction’ of some kind.

This explains why humans are obsessed with tokenization (thinking, reading, writing, observing, creating).

All of these, are technically, conservations of an uber-simple circle, where, all ‘narratives’ (all processes) have a beginning-middle-end (input-process-output) which is tokenized 101 or 010 or 111 or 000 in any combination.

101 10 01


Where, again, technically, 101 or 010, is 10–01, or 01–10, or 11–00, or any combination. (01,10, 00, 11)

Where 1 and 0 are, technically, diameter and circumference of an always-conserved circle, giving us the reason for ‘reality,’ ‘tokenization,’ representation, and identification. Also, and, especially, interpretation. (Any action.) (Any thought.)

All of this proves mind is responsible for everything that happens in the brain. And everywhere else in the body. All brains. All bodies. (All of Nature.) (All of ‘reality.’) Where, technically, ‘mind’ is a universal ‘circle in the background’ that ‘never goes away’ and ‘never appears.’ Thus, the value of the diagram.


Conservation of the Circle provides the ‘explanation’ (allows us to experience the ‘realization’) for ‘mind’ as it shows its ‘self’ in (and as) ‘Nature.’ Thus, as you can know for sure, now, ‘mind’ is, totally, ‘not’ (in) the brain.

The (Real) Theory of Everything, Yardley, Ilexa — Amazon.com

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The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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