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The Circular Theory
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Yin and yang ancient is zero and one modern. Proving Conservation of the Circle (is the only dynamic in Nature).

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Complementarity is an ‘other’ word for ‘identity.’ This is because it is impossible to have the number ‘one’ without the number ‘two.’

And this is because it is impossible to have a circumference without a diameter (yin and yang, ancient, zero and one, modern).

Zero and One

Fire-Air, Earth-Water (Information in General)

So, this means, you play ‘fire,’ you are forcing me to play ‘water.’ And-or, you play ‘earth,’ you are forcing me to play ‘air.’ For both of ‘us,’ any and-or every combination. We all play all of these half-the-time (where half-the-time is, always, all-the-time) (explaining everything about everything).

Where ‘fire’ ‘water’ ‘earth’ ‘air’ are symbolic representations of the conservation of a circle. Again:

You and Me

This is because, as the diagram demonstrates, and proves, 50–50 is both the constant and the norm. Meaning everything changes. Nothing changes.

Tokenized Identity (Information Specifics)

You and I (no matter who plays ‘you’ and-or who plays ‘I’) represent (tokenize) each other.

This explains attraction and repulsion. Fission and fusion. Love and hate. Getting along. And not-so-much.


Meaning, half-the-time I am ‘into you’ and half-the-time not-so-much (not-at-all) (because intuitively I totally understand half-the-time you’re into me, and half-the-time, not-so-much, not-at-all). Meaning once we understand what’s going on in Nature (what Nature makes us ‘feel’ ‘think’ ‘do’) we can decide to get along (or not). Stay together. Walk away. Engage detach. Time-in. Time-out.

Representation (Tokenized Identity)

X represents Y. Meaning half-the-time is all-the-time. (It is impossible to have a half without a whole.) You represent me and I represent you, and, thus, we experience (Nature always gives us a choice about how to experience) (and, thus ‘tokenize’) each other.

So, you love me now. Meaning, we love each other, forever (and, the opposite can also be true (it’s totally up to ‘us’) (however you and-or I decide to interpret (code) (decode) ‘us’). No matter what you and-or I say, think, feel, do, 50–50 stays the constant and the norm (and, of, course, it is impossible for either one of ‘us’ to not-know this) (at all times) (at any time).

Explaining why all religions, and intelligent psychologists and philosophers (and, most important, physicists), advocate (demonstrate and prove) ‘detachment’ (is the recommended antidote for attachment (relationships) of all kinds).

The Singularity

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature.

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