Moving from Despair to Hope

And back again. Why we, often, use music to comfort us.

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Music always contains a technical (semiotic) message, that moves us (possibly, unaware) from despair to hope, and back again, demonstrating, and proving, in the process, the reality behind ‘reality.’

Conservation of a Circle

This is because music, like everything else in Nature, conserves a circle (where everything is, potentially, resolved, continually ended, and then taken up again, newly, and necessarily, unresolved). Also known as ‘moving from despair to hope, and back again’ (in some circles) and from zero to one, and back again (in others).

From Despair to Hope (and Back Again)

This is because a circumference requires a diameter, and a diameter requires a circumference (a line resolves to a circle, and a circle resolves to a line, artistically, and scientifically), joining everything together (and keeping everything apart).

Meaning, life is easy, though, half-the-time, challenging (simple, though, half-the-time, complex), as it moves, continually, to a constant, resolution, within a continual ‘revolution.’ In all systems.

Resolution and Revolution

Half and Whole (Yin and Yang)

So, we experience this, every day. All of us. As the sun rises and sets. And the moon does the same. Where, sometimes they’re in synch, and others, not-so-much, just like humans, and just like everything else in Nature.

Ancient people called this yin and yang, and modern people call it zero and one (technologists, scientists, and mathematicians, call it situational, and oppositional (algorithmic), information in general). As all of us recognize this as a simple, constant, oscillation, heartbeat, cycle, life in general, life and death in a continual, and constant, circle (in all systems).

Life and Death

Thus, in a very real sense, everything is living, and everything, eventually, dies, as the beginning and the end of any (and every) song proves (and demonstrates).

If Zero, then One (If One, then Zero)

Thus, everything in Nature is communicating the same message using the same formula or algorithm: if zero, then one, meaning if one, then zero.

And this is how mathematics was born, and how it works, and this is also how the metaphor was born, and how it works, and this is, then, the reason behind music of all genres (in all eras) (and, also, the reason behind ‘reality’) (in all disciplines) (from all points of view, and all perspectives). Why music ‘moves us,’ in movies, on TV, in advertising, for example.

Where music is a mathematical metaphor for (technically, the tokenization of) the conservation of a circle.

The Metaphor

Where the major and the minor chord articulate, and anticipate (are mathematical metaphors for), the male and the female experience (active and passive reality).

And, where, one note moves to another, and one chord moves to another, and one song moves to another, and, even though the songs may end, the ‘music’ never ends.

(Sound is an infinite circle (think: circumference) and light is an infinite line (think: diameter) and it is impossible to have one without the other (because it is not possible to have a circumference without a diameter)).

Life (and Death)

So, that’s all there is to life. And that’s all there is to death. And that’s all there is to everything. And, on some level, we all know this. A continual, constant, oscillation, hidden in the background, and obvious in the foreground (if you know where to look).

Background and Foreground

Why musicians, many, if not all, of them, keep on making music. Right to the end. And why, many songs are soulful representations of the musicians’ experience with the ups and downs of life. Helping us, as we listen, to accept that we are not the only ones having to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Again, this is because, and only because, the conservation of a circle is the core (and, thus, the only) dynamic in Nature. Allowing us to detach, and to ‘rethink reality’ (exchange and-or interchange to a new, and- or different ‘reality’), whenever we need to. We can, always, change the music.

Music proves the conservation of a circle is the core dynamic in Nature. Continual resolution of despair and hope (zero and one) (major and minor) (any X and-or Y).



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