Moving From Relativity to Circularity

Zero to-and-or-from one means zero is one (and vice versa).

Zero and one (modern) is yin and yang (ancient). This means zero to-and-or-from one proves zero is one (and vice versa). This moves all of us past Einstein, turning relativity into circularity (and, again, vice versa).

We can look back in time to notice, first of all, Neanderthals lived in caves, and drew pictures. Why did they live in caves? Self-protection. Why did they draw pictures? Self-protection. Or, maybe, more to the point, self-promotion.

Meaning, we choose, all of us, where to live, and how to symbolize reality, in order to survive. We have to survive to reproduce, and, we have to reproduce to survive. Proving survival and reproduction of a circle is the basis (the correct symbol) (and home) for relativity, circularity, survival, and-or, reproduction (where all of these words describe the exact same reality).

Einstein proved (we think) light ties energy and mass together. We use this as a constant today, meaning, we assume the speed of light is constant. We can prove this (so we think), and, therefore, we can use this ‘number’ to age the universe, and, also, to hypothesize how and why the universe began (and, therefore, how it will end).

This opinion is centered on Galileo’s opinion the sun, and not the earth, is the center of a solar system. Calling into question the meaning of a galaxy (and all of the other so-called-facts about nature via astronomy).

Galileo’s opinion about the sun is centered on the Pythagorean theorem. Meaning, ancient people, using yin and yang, determined circles and lines are universal (they reproduce each other). A line is needed to articulate a triangle.

Using this simple, again, so-called-fact, they built pyramids and stone circles (and other ancient dwellings, including temples, aqueducts, coliseums, and pantheons) by drawing pictures (in the sand, on cave walls), using these pictures to reproduce the basic structure of a triangle (and, therefore, a circle) (any size, place).

Therefore, yin and yang (ancient) and zero and one (modern) are based on circumference and diameter. Proving pi controls (and explains) reality. Looks like this:

Therefore, relativity as we practice it today (meaning more and less are dependent on each other) is circularity (as we will practice it tomorrow) (going forward). Meaning more is less and less is more.

We all ‘get’ this.

Meaning, pi is the correct name for mind. And, also the correct operating mechanism for brain (and, also, genetics) (cell reproduction in general).

Therefore a cell is a person (and vice versa). There is a forced circular relationship between one person (cell) and another. Meaning a network is more correctly visualized (and operated) as a circle of circles.

Nothing more. Or less.

This takes some time to notice. A technician in any field will get this ‘first.’ Because a technician knows a zero is a one in order for a zero to be more, or less, then one. Abstract and concrete concepts are only possible because they share a circular relationship (they must conserve a circle).

Or, a simpler way of saying this is ‘if zero, then one.’ Meaning if one, then zero. Meaning, we share a circle with a circle turning all of us into one circle (many circles) (max and min ‘two circles’) (often labeled ‘three circles’).

In religious (ancient) circles, father-son-holy-ghost is pi-diameter-circumference. Meaning XYZ is XY is X. The structure of a family. Any couple. Coupling in general.

The circular relationship between a subject and an object holds the universe together, where you are, and I am, both subject and object, as far as Nature is concerned. This explains why, and, also, how, relativity is, more basically, and, more correctly, circularity.

Explaining why we all know more than ‘we are supposed to know.’

Pi connects everything to everything, and, we are, all of us, carrying pi around, in our ‘heads.’ (Everywhere in our bodies, everywhere outside of our bodies, tying inside and outside together.) Tying any, and every, X and-or Y, together.

Pi is a dimensionless, background-independent entity-process-system, more correctly symbolized, one-two-three, pi-diameter-circumference, zero-one-two, zero-one-zero. (0)(1)(0).

Conservation of the circle is the core (and, proven, ‘only’) dynamic in nature.

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Take an hour, and, think it through…



Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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