The Technology Beyond Space-time Physics

Technology breaks the law of identity. Superseding physics (and math).

The law of identity.

The law of identity says X equals X. Except in technology (and in nature) X equals X, and X, also, does-not-equal X. X can be assigned any value, or symbol, meaning, actually, X has to be Y (even if X is X).

This allows us to get a much deeper view into reality. Because reality comes from a place we call mind. Mind and reality share a circular relationship (you cannot have one without the other).

In technology, the mind-matter relationship is coded as virtual-real. That is, there is a circular relationship between virtual and real, meaning, actually, virtual has control. Mind can do much more than matter (is this true?). Humans seem to think so (using mind over matter).

Technology has moved us past both mathematics, and physics. Because of the circular relationship between virtual and real (artificial and absolute) (mind and matter). Both virtual, and artificial, live in the province called ‘mind.’ Mind is what makes both virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, ‘real.’

So, the circular relationship between X and Y (zero and one), then, calls everything we know in mathematics, and physics, into question.

This is because the equal sign would not be possible without the circular relationship (between any X and-or Y). When a human says (or thinks) X equals Y, the human knows, intuitively, and intellectually, that X does not equal Y. This allows the human to say, or think, X equals X, and-or, X equals X’, or, X and Y equals 0 and 1, (even as X and Y does-not-equal 0 and 1).

The human mind outsmarts itself because the human mind, is pi, diameter and circumference, (zero and one in a circular relationship), where pi, diameter, circumference, are one-two-three (in any order), because one-two-three, can only be, one-two (or two-one), because zero and one is circumference and diameter (nothing more, or less). Pi knows this (and so do you).

This takes us to the world of strings (technically, and technologically) where zero and one can be any unit, using if, then, else (one, two, three) to override the equal sign. If, then, else, are, also, pi, diameter, circumference, one, two, three, any grouping or set of three, is, always a group of two.

Two is the maximum and the minimum number in any group, or set, because pi is always both diameter and circumference of a circle, where pi, diameter and circumference, are the basic units called, circle and line (zero and one). Meaning, pi is the technically, and technologically correct, name for any (and, every) unit.

So, technology gives everyone more power. Which is why parents are teaching their children, now, to become thoroughly invested in a smart-tablet (technology). Parents know, everything breaks the law of identity, meaning we are all on the same page, now, like it or not, know it or not. Mathematics and-or physics cannot change this. Zero and one are circumference and diameter, virtual and real. Dictating everything.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.