Multi-Channel Mathematics

Zero and one is one and two is two and three.

Music depends upon, and is proof of, the conservation of a circle. Explaining mind and math in the ‘process’ (multi-channel mathematics).

That is, from a circle’s point of view, zero is one, one is two, and two is three.

Nature doesn’t count in numbers. Nature is a circle. From Nature’s point of view, any and every ‘number’ (information in general) (movement in general) (identity in general) is the tokenization of a circle (articulated by the diagram below) (the token for information) (the token for tokenization) (the (non-fungible-fungible) token for a circle).

This explains everything in music. Everything in mathematics. Everything in (what humans experience as) ‘reality’ (mind in general).

Mind is, technically, pi, creating (and destroying) (tokenizing) everything (zero and one is circumference and diameter) (literally and figuratively) (providing the genesis, the motivation, and the ‘operation,’ for ‘information’) (math and music) (light and sound).

Where light is an infinite line and sound is an infinite circle and it is impossible to have one without the other (line is diameter) (circle is circumference) (of an always-present) (uber-simple) (circle) (circular-linear-relationship).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature.

Dig deeper: Hiromi’s Voice (Multi-Channel Mathematics) | by Ilexa Yardley | Musical Notes | Medium



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