Is a sophisticated form of duplication. No ‘zero’ without ‘one.’ (No circumference without diameter.) (No ‘yes’ without ‘no.’) Proving, and demonstrating, ‘The Singularity.’ (Object-Oriented ‘Reality’)

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Negation is a sophisticated form of duplication:


This forms the basis for language (in any and all disciplines):

Is Not

Meaning, ‘two’ observers, not-one:


Giving humans ‘the power of ‘none’’ (the power of ‘one’):

One and Not-One
Anyone (Everyone)

Negating (think: eliminating) the power (and, also, the utility) of ‘language:


And, proving, along the way, the singularity called ‘Nature…’


So, as we already ‘know,’ all of us, we can expect disagreement (for and-or against). Disagreement proves the circular theory (conservation of a circle) (is the core and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature). Why people argue. Why arguments don’t get us anywhere. Why ‘logical’ is half-the-time ‘illogical.’ Why 50–50 (everything) is the ‘constant’ and the ‘norm.’ Why ‘arguments’ (for, and-or, against) in any discipline do not get us anywhere (do not prove anything).


Conservation of a Circle is the core (and, thus, the only) dynamic in Nature (eliminating arguments for, and-or against, Godelian Self-Reference) (P and NP) (complete and not-complete) (proving self-referential recursion is the singularity in Nature) (eliminating the need for ‘proof’) (mathematical, philosophical, scientific). ‘Proving’ everything (in abstract and-or concrete ‘reality’) is the token for a circle (the diagram above) (and below) (the diagram is constant) (everything else: is a token for the diagram) (The Singularity).

Conservation of a Circle (The ‘Singularity’)
The Cryptic Universe: How Technology is Answering Our Deepest Questions about Reality — Kindle edition by Yardley, Ilexa. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Think it through (in memory of Shawn Lane):

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