NeuroGenetics: The Ultimate App

Using emoji to avoid emotion, and, ultimately, life.


Why spell everything out when you can use emoji? The ultimate app. Translating human thought into a virtual identity. Enabling the quick erasure of a verbal identity. Also, known, as, the integration of abstract thought, a virtual identity, with, everything.

No use wasting time, or space, on emotion. Emotion gets all of us in to trouble. So we emote with an emoji. And then we go back to whatever it was we were (or are) doing.

This keeps us focused on goals. A much simpler way to get to, and engage with, neurogenetics. Where both neuroscience, and genetics, are dependent on emoji, a much simpler way to say, dependent on, a zero, and, a one.

Where zero and one are neuro-genetic. This is an abstract thought that takes us outside the realm of biology, to make it simpler, to understand, what is really happening, inside, biology.

Genes and neurons are proteins defined by a half-life. The circular relationship of zero and one determines the half-life. Therefore, the gene, and the neuron’s objective: Half. Life. One. Zero.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.