‘Next’ Generation Thinking

There is no ‘next’ (there is always a ‘next’) on a circle.

Photo by Teodor Drobota on Unsplash

Young people always want to move ahead with their thinking. They want to ‘recreate’ reality based on the ideals of their ‘generation.’ The ideas of their ‘referent’ group.

Moving Ahead

Circular-Linear Time

This is because there is always a ‘next’ generation (meaning, technically, there is never a ‘next’ generation) because time is continually (re)generated by the conservation of a circle. Meaning, technically, there is no ‘time.’

Future and Past
Ever-Present Present (Always-Present-Present)

So, this is why circularity is replacing relativity as the core ‘understanding’ in Nature.


Where one and two are different in a relative ‘reality.’ And one and two are the same in a ‘circular’ reality’.’


Relativity and Circularity

Where you need both to have either. One. And-or two. Relativity, and-or, circularity. Same and-or different.

Where, technically, all of these ‘ideas’ (and words) articulate a circular-linear reality (the conservation of a circle). Because, as a circle, zero (circumference) and one (diameter) are joined, and separated, by ‘pi.’

Meaning ‘next’ generation thinking means we allow our ‘selves’ to accept two different versions of the same ‘reality.’ Knowing you have to have ‘two’ versions in order to have ‘one.’

Which is what we can expect coming out of the ‘current next generation.’

Conservation of a Circle

Reality of the ‘Next’ Generation

Conservation of a Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, and, therefore, the most important, dynamic in Nature.

Explaining how we will get out of the ‘bubble’ mentality. Creating financial and emotional security for all. Much ‘sooner’ than you ‘think…’

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The Literal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Yardley, Ilexa: 9798580509457: Amazon.com: Books



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