No Such Thing as Reality

Nothing new here, ‘really.’

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There is no such thing as reality. This is something everybody takes for granted. Everybody ‘knows.’ We’re all, all of us, in one way, or another, comfortably ‘numb…’ (using magical thinking to get us through the ‘relative’ ‘reality’ we, already, inherently, understand).

Circular-Linear ‘Relationship’

This is because there is a (required, conserved) circular-linear relationship between, what humans call, ‘mind’ and ‘matter,’ and, again, this is something everybody takes for granted.

Thus, the core assumption humans use for everything is called (by humans) ‘complementarity.’ That is X and X is, always, assumed to be X and Y.


Thus, you have to use this diagram if you want to understand what’s really going on in Nature:

Frameless Frame of Reference (X and Y) (X or Y)

Tokenization of a Circle

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. Meaning ‘pi’ is the technical term for, what humans label, mind and matter (information in general) (everything in Nature).


Negation is (a Sophisticated Term for) Duplication

Explaining homicide and suicide (the complement for life) (all species) (all ‘realities’). Negation is a sophisticated form of duplication.

Thus, technically, no death. No life. No anything except the conservation of an uber-simple circle that is, always, in control.

We all experience this as complementary opposition (50–50) (day and night) (left and right) (here and there) (etc.) So, technically, in a 50–50 reality, there is no reality (X cancels out Y) (it’s not possible to have a circumference without a diameter) (not possible to have X without Y). And everybody gets this.

Life and Death


Thus, observation (as a noun and as a verb) is, again, like, everything else in Nature, the conservation of a circle (nothing more or less).


Explaining the ‘observation’ problem (what you see is only 1/2 of what you get) (and we all know this).

And the ‘measurement’ problem (once you measure something you have actualized (realized) (tokenized) your measurement system) (more, technically, you have tokenized a circle).

The Fallacy called ‘Mathematics’

That is, there is, technically, nothing realistic (valid) (true) about mathematics (or language, for that matter) (any tokenized system).


This explains why people do not panic when everyone is panicking. Why people are not impressed when everyone is impressed. Why people do not, technically, care about the opinions of others (no matter who is producing the opinion). People are, technically, like everything else in Nature, tokens (singular and plural) for a circle:


Addiction and Habits

Explaining why we’re all addicted to our ‘smart’ phones (everything is based on one zero and one one) (one circumference and one diameter) (a naturally conserved (and always-present) (necessary) circle). Balancing, and rounding, the ‘whole’ thing out.

Person and Smartphone

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in Nature. Thus, ‘pi’ is the technical term for, what a human experiences as, ‘mind’ (and, therefore, matter).

Meaning, technically, and, again, we all, already, ‘know’ this: no need for physics, philosophy, and-or psychology (technology) (information) (people in general). All of these disciplines are tokenizations of a circle. It’s all about the diagram.

Nothing new here. ‘Really.’ Nothing new (in reality). The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

Readers are reminded this material is Copyright Ilexa Yardley all rights reserved.

‘You are a hero, my friend…’



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