Not Enough GDP Globally

$100 trillion has to be multiplied by four.

We need more money (always).

Always and never articulate a circle. Therefore enough is (never) enough. This produces boredom (the main problem for a human).

Current global GDP is $100 trillion, $16k per person. This is not enough. We need more billionaires (many more). $400 trillion gives us $64k per person which is a more realistic lifestyle in a technological reality. (A family needs $250k per year to live, like it or not.)

So, therefore, we have to increase our expectations (by four) (why everyone believes, he and-or she, is capable of, and equal to, the billionaire) (become a circular theorist) (charge $5000 for three hours) (that does it) (for everyone).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in natureB.