Object Oriented ‘Reality’

It’s all about ‘The Singularity’… (Self-Referential Recursion)…

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You need a subject for an object (it’s impossible to have one without the other):

Subject and Object

This is because ‘The Singularity’ defining all objects (and subjects) is a concrete-abstraction (a token) for a circle (the conservation of a circle) (the circular-linear relationship between an object and a subject) (an object and at-most, and, at least, one other-object):

The Singularity

Meaning any, and every, object, and-or subject, concrete and-or abstract, is a token for a circle (circle as a noun) (circle as a verb) (the circular-linear relationship between a circumference and a diameter) (a zero and a one):

Circle (Noun) (Verb)
Zero (One)
Circumference (Diameter)

Explaining self-referential recursion (quantum entanglement) (magical thinking),

Quantum Entanglement

and object-oriented (object-dependent) ‘programming’ (tokenization) (code) (decode) (algorithms) (intelligent autonomy) in all disciplines:

If X, then Y (If X, then X)
If Circumference, then Diameter (If Zero, Then One)

This is because the tokenization for tokenization (the tokenization for anything and-or everything) is this concrete-abstraction for a circle (the circular-linear relationship) (between a circumference and a diameter):

Tokenization (Noun) (Verb)

Which is easily ‘tokenized’ (realized) (recognized) as ‘The Singularity:’

The Singularity

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic (the (object-oriented) singularity) in Nature.

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Think it through:



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