Overcoming Sequence Errors

The human race is programmed to think in sequence.

One Two Three (Photo by Kelly Sikkema)

The human race is pre-programmed to think in ‘sequence.’ Mother. Father. Child. Underneath, one, two, three.

Mother Father Child
One Two Three

This comes from the ‘hidden’ circularity in Nature.

Pi Diameter Circumference

Allowing all of us to think in ‘twos.’


This comes directly from circumference and diameter. Also known as yin and yang (ancient). Zero and one (modern).

Yin and Yang
Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter

Giving us the ‘basis’ for a sequence (any sequence). Size. Speed. Scale.

One and Two

Meaning, Nature automatically confuses us (on purpose). Forcing us to ‘think’ in sequence, when, technically, there is no such thing as ‘sequence’ in Nature.


Allowing us to untangle the confusion. If we decide we ‘want to…’ And, if we don’t want to, nothing ventured. Nothing lost.

One or Two

Notice, we are, always, manipulating sets of ‘two.’ From sets of ‘three.’ A set of ‘one.’ You can turn this into a ‘sequence.’ Or, not. Your choice, totally.


Notice, now, the ‘numbers’ (words) change. While the diagram stays the same. Giving the basis for a variable and a constant. (A constant variable.) (A variable constant.) Meaning, the ‘constant’ in nature is a variable (and the variable in Nature is constant) (an uber-simple circle, for sure).

Variable and Constant (Variable or Constant)

Where you have to pay attention to the ‘and’ and ‘or.’ Where you need both to have either.

X and Y
X or Y

Which allows us to overstep (eliminate) sequence (when we want to).

Meaning any ‘programming’ we ‘receive’ we can eliminate. Via ‘intelligent’ thought.


Where, any X and-or Y is 0 and-or 1. Giving us the basics for both intelligence. And, thought. Artificial. And, absolute. Absolute. And, relative.

Absolute and Relative

At first, this is confusing. Over time, it clears itself out. The confusion disappears. Dissipates. On its own. As you decide. To ‘allow’ it.

The conservation of an uber-simple circle controls everything about ‘us.’ Pi is the always-present ‘background’ state. For everything. And everyone. Explaining (exposing) the continual ‘50–50.’ And, importantly, the diagram, above. How we get a ‘choice.’ In everything.


Invest in The Circular Theory…



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