Playing With Information (The Politics of Nature)

Does information tell us anything about anything?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern). Meaning, the number ‘two’ is the basis for information. And, reality, in general.

The Mathematics of Politics

This gives us X and Y in mathematics, and Y and N in politics. M and F in biology. T and F in philosophy (and physics).

This is easily ‘diagrammed:’

X and Y

Proving conservation of an uber-simple circle is the basis for reality, Nature, and politics, in general. Meaning political ‘bias’ (the ‘constant’ X and Y) is endemic to the universal system we experience every day.

Circumference and Diameter

Ambiguous Points of View

Therefore, it’s easy to understand why we have (to have) two points of view on every issue.

One and Two
One and One

Meaning, it’s ambiguity and redundancy (simple repetition), as proven, and demonstrated, above (and also, then, below) that forces all of us to take a point of view, and, then, eventually, change our point of view.

North South East West (Point of View)

Therefore, it’s easy to understand, if you follow political news, how, and why, there is a mandatory bias toward one point of view, or another.

Natural and Political Bias

Complementary Identity (One Side Cancels Out The Other)

Therefore, if you have an issue, and a point of view on the issue, you have automatically created the opposing point of view on the issue.

Complementary Identity

That is, you cannot have any identity (any point of view) without complementarity.

Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity (redundancy, ambiguity) is the basis for a unit. Any unit. Because, underneath it all, you cannot have a circumference (zero) without a diameter (one).

Wasting (Creating) Time

Therefore, you can’t avoid the argument. In politics. And, also, then, mathematics. Meaning the constant is a variable, and the variable is a constant.


So, it’s natural to assume, and, then, ‘observe,’ two sides on any issue must, naturally, ‘play’ with information, the ‘meaning’ of ‘words,’ and ‘symbols, in general.

We all ‘slant’ information to ‘support’ our ‘naturally biased’ point of view.

For and-or Against (You Cannot Have ‘One’ Without the ‘Other’)

This means we ‘slant’ incoming information (how we interpret something) and we, also, ‘slant’ outgoing information (how we articulate something) to ‘support’ a point of view (and ‘refute’ an ‘other’).


Technology aids, and inflates, this process, since everyone, now, has constant access to the continual ‘argument’ called ‘Nature.’


So half-of-us tune in. And the other-half tune out.

Throwing Shade On Information (In General) (All Specifics)

And that’s all there is to ‘political’ reality. And ‘reality’ in general. Throwing ‘shade’ on politics, reality, and technology (information), in general.

Because Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in (natural reality of) Nature. Forcing all of us to take a deeper point of view (no point of view) on everything (anything).



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