Political Obsessions

One side, or the other, both sides, OCD.

(Photo by Brian Wertheim)

So, every day we’re bombarded with X person’s opinion, in an obsessive-compulsive argument, against (and-or for) Y person’s opinion. Proving, quite naturally, (obsessively, actually,) Nature abhors a vacuum.

Naturally, you, and I, are on ‘one-side’ or ‘the other.’ Again, proving, something uber-simple, and, everybody-knows-this, ‘basic.’ You cannot have two without one. Pure and simple.

It looks like this (to Nature):

Two and One

That is, zero and one is, necessarily, one and two, two and one, entangled. This is an abstract sentence (as is the diagram). Both are ‘concrete’ abstractions, demonstrating why we can’t escape the noise, even if we don’t take a side.

News Unworthy

So, lots of people, these days, don’t bother to ‘watch’ the News.

Except, you can’t avoid ‘the News.’ Whatever it is. Wherever it is. We’re all, whether we want to be, or not, obsessively ‘connected’ to the ‘News.’

So, why is this?

An animal is always on the ‘lookout’ for ‘dangerous’ situations. We are, too. We need to ‘stay tuned,’ in order to ‘survive.’ Which explains the circularity in Nature, and, also, why, and how, the relativity in Nature is dependent on the circularity in Nature. One thing is related to another by an always-present, yet, always, hidden, ‘circle.’

Circular Relativity

Meaning, everything cycles. Repeats. Is a copy of everything else. Explaining similar, yet different, ‘news,’ as the ‘headline’ in the current ‘news cycle.’ Back and forth. To and fro. Good guy, bad girl. Bad guy, good girl. Etc. And, vice versa.

And, of course, underneath it all, everybody knows this. Everybody knows, when anger surfaces, politically, or otherwise, it’s a psychological reaction to whatever we encountered in childhood that ‘made us mad.’ Authority, in general, for example.

It’s actually, more reliably, a natural reaction to the ‘circularity’ in Nature.

We’d like Nature to be more ‘reasonable.’ Rational. As we wished our parents, and our siblings, were more ‘reasonable.’ Rational. From ‘our’ point of view, that is.

Well. Good luck with that.

Anger in General

Anger in politics teaches us all about psychology. And, on the way, physics. And, mathematics.

Hydrogen, when burned, produces water. Anger, when analyzed, over-time, produces sadness. Regret. Both based, they say, on ‘fear.’

Again, it’s probably much simpler than that. You can’t have one without two. Something, at one time or another, everybody rebels against. Since, we all believe, on some level, we’re a (the only) ‘one.’

Complementary Identity

However, you cannot have X without Y. X without X’.’ So, to speak. So, if you want to go there, there’s no such thing as ‘one.’

And, you could, keep going. No such thing as ‘right’ opinion. Both opinions, in a pair, are ‘right.’ (Day here is night somewhere else.) North sees south, east sees west, and, always, vice versa.

Explaining where the ‘argument’ comes from, and why it never disappears. Why taking any ‘side’ in any argument, automatically produces the ‘opposing’ side.

Yin and yang is zero and one. You can’t have one without the other.

Zero and one, is, more literally, circumference and diameter.

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter.

And, this proves, every ‘pair,’ is a redundant repetition (an obsessive compulsion, from Nature’s point of view) of every other ‘pair.’ A circular relativity. Like day and night. Nasty and nice. Here and there. Then and now. For example.

Tuning Out, Eventually

So, after some time has passed, all of us, in order to survive, learn how to tune out, in order to stay tuned in. That is, we screen out the noise, to hear whatever we ‘want to hear’ to make us feel safe. And in control.

Because underneath it all, it’s nothing but a circle (an obsessive compulsive cycle) that maintains control (producing OCD in all of us, at one time or an ‘other’). Once we realize, no way we are going to be (or stay) in ‘control.’

The ‘chorus’ in Greek plays played the ‘observer’ role, that we are all playing, today, as we watch politics, and news of all kinds, play out in front of us (on our computer, TV, smartphone, ‘screens’).

Like them, we can react to the ‘action’ on the ‘stage,’ in many ways. Twitter, Facebook, Google, for example. Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Enjoying Space

Or we can space out, walk in Nature, watch a TV program or a video about Nature, or anything else that takes us away from ‘the news.’ And, the noise.

But, at the end of the day, we’re all doing the same thing. Observing. And, being observed. Sharing our opinions. Or keeping them to ourselves.

We can’t get away from the news. Or the cycle.

Again, an uber-simple circle keeps control. Allows us to choose, at one time or another, one side or the other. Neither side. Neither ‘other.’

We all know, underneath it all, despite the (circular) obsession, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Different people, maybe. Different topics. Same arguments. Thousands of years forward (and behind). An uber-simple circle.

An Uber Simple Circle

Conservation of the circle explains everything. Restores (or takes away) sanity. Maintains, complete, control. Allowing us to overcome, eventually, OCD, politics, and the news cycle. All of the ‘noise’ in Nature. Including, most definitely, our own.


Ilexa Yardley is the author and the editor of The Circular Theory.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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