Politics: Are We Safe Yet?

Safety is the motivation for a human’s attachment to politics. Explaining why we’re never safe.

Politics. (Photo by Scott Webb)

Are we safe, yet?

This is the universal human question driving politics.

It’s the motivation for both life, and death. Politics. And, the human’s attachment to politics. Why people are addicted to their smart phones. And, politics. Are we safe, yet?

We have to know the latest news. It tells us if we’re safe. And, if we’re not, it tells us what to do about it. It gets down to the technology behind politics, the smart phone, and the news.

If zero, then one.

Meaning, we are, always, half-the-time, safe. The other half? Not-so-much. Explaining our attachment to the smart phone (politics, news).

If one, then zero.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.