Putting it All Together: The Nature of Reality

The codependent state.

Codependence. (Photo by Markus Spiske)

I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know. This is because reality is codependent. I wouldn’t be here without you, and, vice versa (we share a relaxed identity) (codependent state).

Relaxed identity means we both realize nature is redundant. Duplicitous. Fungible. Everything happening with me is, also, happening with you. Therefore, truth be told, there is no me, or, you.

This is what ancient people were trying to communicate with yin and yang. You can’t have yin without yang. In modern terms, you can’t have zero without one.

This forces cyclical behavior in nature. Giving us time and weather. Rotation, revolution, radiation. Electricity, magnetism, gravity. Sequence.

It also explains uncertainty. And, complexity. We can’t know what we don’t know. Except, in general terms, we already ‘know it,’ or else, how are we going to know it when we know it (down the road, etc.). This means we all realize, again, in general terms, there is no such thing as time. Or, space.

This means the universe, and all the other things we think about, and try to represent, symbolically, is fictional. You won’t be able to sell this to a physicist, though. It would mean he’d lose his job.

So,- man is smart enough to turn everything into ‘technology.’ Explaining how, and why, 50–50 makes everything else come ‘true.’ There is no true and false on a circle, and, again, this is something every one of us knows. Pi is controlling everything about us, everything about nature, and the reality we construct (the narrative we tell ourselves) so we can understand nature.

So, what about science in general? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Science, like every discipline, conserves an uber-basic circle. Where circle is a symbol, and science invents symbolic representations to explain circular behavior (on all scales). This is creative behavior. Model dependent. Linear and circular (at the same time).

This takes us to psychology. Relaxed identity means you are me in another time frame, when, I just told you, there is no such thing as time (or me, or you). We explore our relationships to each other in order to understand our ‘selves.’ This is what we call a frame, perhaps. Explaining relaxed identity (we do our own ‘framing,’ we choose what to frame and what to call the frame). Frame is an other word for ‘circle’ (perimeter). (Etc.)

Relationships, depending on your age, are 50–50, good and bad, right and wrong, neat and icky, depending on your point of view (and stage in the relationship). Where stage has many meanings (Hollywood) (rocket) (phase transition). Suddenly we realize, all the words are blurry. Meaning nothing, in order to mean something. Any string of characters (literal and figurative) reduces (and expands) to zero and one.

This brings out the survivalist in all of us. The self-sufficient state. After a while, we see repetitive patterns in human behavior, and we tire. We want to move on. Or, move inward. You can call it whatever you want. You know, as do I, you can only manufacture peace within. This often means, moving away from crowds, and, crowd behavior.

In the end, once you pass the age of sixty, you realize, it all boils down to your relationship, within, to a higher power. You knew this all along. You never changed. Not one thing. Whatever you want to call it-him-her, your higher-power, whatever you learned, and whatever you picked up intuitively. This is what gets you through every thing, and, technically, this is what it looks like:

You can interpret this anyway you want. It is a symbol. Nothing more. Or less. It shows you how everything fits together (or not). Depending on your point of view. Age. Discipline.

Nothing changes because everything changes. That’s all there is to it. Zero and one are circumference and diameter. Meaning a circle can only circle, and only a circle can circle. And it’s up to you, totally, to see this.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic (forcing the codependent state) in nature. Like I said in the beginning, you cannot not-know this. Conservation of the circle is what makes you ‘you’, what gives you your identity, and, your point of view. Me, too.





Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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