Quantum Foam

Zero and one are circumference and diameter.

Background and foreground, zero and one. (Photo by Joao Silas)

Quantum mechanics revolves around the number ‘two’ because duplicity is the basis for a unit (complementarity is the basis for identity, any system).

This is why we have particles and forces (two identifiers), bosons and fermions, etc.

So, obviously, we have to figure out where the number ‘two’ originates. Not so difficult to figure out. It has to be a circle (any X and Y articulate a circle) (an imaginary line is both diameter and circumference of a circle) (abstract and concrete articulate a circle).

Thus quantum foam is, easily, a (hidden) circle. (Hidden-showing, abstract- concrete, any pair articulate a circle.)

You get this. Easily.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.