(Quantum) Gravity

The line is diameter and circumference of a circle. Thus, gravity is real.

Photo by Luis Graterol on Unsplash

It’s not possible to have a line without a circle. Because the circumference is not possible without a diameter. This means the structure of Nature (gravity) is ‘real.’

That is, there is a circular relationship between gravity as an abstraction and gravity as a natural dynamic. So, there can only be one concrete abstraction to describe (and prove) (quantum) gravity.

Concrete Abstraction

This means there are, technically, only two constants in Nature. Zero and one. Thus, in Einstein’s terms, either e = m (constant is one), or e = o (constant is zero).

This means, actually, there is only one constant in Nature. Because it is impossible to have ‘and’ without ‘or.’ And-or, it is impossible to have a constant without a variable. Impossible to have ‘order’ without ‘chaos’ (chaos without order).

This means gravity is an uber-simple, always conserved, circle, that can only look like (and be) this:

Circumference and Diameter

This proves ‘gravity’ is ‘real.’ Explaining Nature, and, all of the ‘constituents’ in Nature (the only ‘constant’ (constituent) in Nature).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic, and, therefore, the ‘gravity,’ in ‘Nature.’ Holding everything together (unification). Keeping everything apart (unitization). Explaining ‘superposition.’

Conservation of the Circle
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