Ready, Player One

The circular relationship between ‘virtual’ and ‘real.’

Virtual and real. Conservation of the circle.

Life is a game. Everybody knows this. We’re taught the ‘rules of life’ by parents, schools, and-other institutions. We’re taught the ‘rules of the game’ by ‘playing.’ And this, always, means, doing what’s ‘wrong’ in order to figure out how to do what’s ‘right.’ In other words we have to have patience while we lose in order to, eventually, win (and, always, vice versa).

This is basic symmetry. Meaning, we have to break symmetry, all of us, in order to understand symmetry. Where ‘symmetry’ and ‘symmetry-breaking’ are alternate names for ‘game,’ ‘gaming,’ ‘playing the game.’

So, we’re programmed, all of us, to want to ‘win the game.’ We have to learn how to play the game in order to win the game. And, over time, we will (we must) abandon the game, and, eventually, abandon the whole idea of ‘winning.’ The game. At life. At anything. An uber-basic metaphor.

Playing the Game

Or, we can, if we want to, take the easy way out, go to see a movie, identify with the winner (or the loser) (the lover or the love-interest) (the guy or gal who makes the ‘game’) (the guys or gals who ‘play the game’). In reality, we are identifying with all of them (we experience the virtual in order to understand what’s real).

Again, this is symmetry breaking at its most basic. We live both virtual and real. We select one or the other (we identify with either one or the other). We use the virtual to become ‘real.’

In Ready Player One, we see people inside, and outside-of, the game. This is a metaphor for life. And, in present times, it is, also, a reality for ‘life.’ Because you can’t have ‘virtual reality’ without ‘ reality.’ There is a forced circular relationship between virtual and real (also known as mind and matter) (mind and body).

Breaking Symmetry

So, in Ready Player One, there is a ‘blending’ of virtual and real to emphasize the simple fact identity is both virtual and real (you need both to have either), and, thus, you can manipulate identity, whether, or not, you decide to (are lucky enough to) ‘win the game.’

Identity itself is a ‘game.’ Because of the circular relationship between virtual and real. Meaning, there is no such thing as ‘virtual’ or ‘real.’ No such thing as a ‘singular identity.’

Pi controls the relationship between zero and one (complementarity and identity). Meaning ‘pi’ controls reality, virtual and real. This allows (and forces) one person to ‘win’ while everybody else must ‘lose.’ Again, this is basic symmetry, yin and yang (ancient), zero and one (modern).

Winning vs. Losing

Over time, we do not like this idea. We’d like everybody to ‘win,’ eventually. Or, maybe not. We’d be happier if ‘we’ win and everybody else loses, and, in reality, the only way to do this consistently is to ‘escape’ reality (again taking us back to the virtual circle between virtual and real) (circular relationship between vicious and virtuous). Explaining suicide (and homicide).

This may seem confusing. But it’s actually pretty straightforward. Zero and one is any X and-or Y. Two is the basis for one, you need both to have either, and this means there is, always, a circular relationship between an individual and a group. Both individual and group are controlled by what we in mathematics call ‘pi.’

Pi is a dimensionless background that can only create a circle. Again, humans know this as ‘zero’ and-or ‘one.’ Circumference and-or diameter. Literally and-or figuratively. Virtual and-or real.

Choosing One or the ‘Other’

This gives us the basis for ‘choice.’ The basic ability to choose. It’s a circle in the background, nothing more or less, looking like this:

Individual and group. Winner and loser. Circumference and diameter.

This gives us (gave us) Ready, Player One. Gets us to the movies to ‘see it.’ And gets us out of the movie theatre to ‘think about it,’ and, then, ‘forget it.’

Ready Player One is, like all stories, an allegory about life. Real and ideal (real and virtual) (real and artificial). All allegories about life teach mankind about an uber-basic circle. Where pi is an alternate name for the circular relationship between mind and matter, universal and relative, virtual and real.

Virtual ‘Reality’

Win or lose, live or die, ‘good guy’ vs. ‘bad guy,’ it’s all about the circle. Virtual and real. No matter what the medium, no matter what the story, no matter if it’s fact or fiction, it’s all a matter of zero and one (a very long mixed up set — string of characters — of zeroes and ones) (explaining the circular relationship between technology and biology) (Hollywood and Main Street).

Going to the movies. Or staying home (to watch it on TV) (or maybe on a smartphone). No matter what we do, it’s all about the zero and the one. Conserving the basic nature of a zero and a one. Answering the basic question about the zero and a one (where do they come from?) (what are they trying to teach us?).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. You can’t get away from the zero and the one (everything symbolizes a zero and-or a one).



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