Reality: Absolute Relativity

Why things are never what they seem…

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X and Y is zero and one, the basis for technology, sex, and the proxy. Meaning you cannot have yin without yang because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter (zero without one).

Abstract Reality

There is a circular relationship between the abstract and concrete. This we know for sure. We use it in technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Sex. Mathematics. Information theory. X and Y is zero and one. Circumference and diameter. Nothing more. Or, less.

Therefore, if you’ve ever been to a psychologist, a counselor, a therapist, of any merit, he, or she, will tell you, X is a proxy for Y. Meaning, all of your relationships are proxies for the relationships in your family. X and Y is you and mom, you and dad, you and your sibling(s).

This comes directly from mathematics. The basis for the study, and the use, of information. I learned everything I know from you, where you and I are X and Y (proxies) (mom and dad) (parent and child) (sibling and sibling). Therefore we know, all of us, things are never what they seem.

X and-or Y

Relative Reality

If X then Y, means if Y then X. The basis for technology (programs, coding). Information in general.

Complementarity has to be the basis for identity. X and X’ (me and not-me) share an independent circle. Therefore circumference and diameter is proxy for you and me (mother and father). Yin and yang (ancient). Zero and one (modern). Something all of us take for granted.

Nothing new here, really. Something we depend upon. For everything.

If X, Then Y

Complementary Reality

So, this allows us, all of us, to understand reality, where one reality is, always, relative to the next. Or, the prior. Where time is not a given, since all of us know, time is relative. Therefore, we live a reality that is completely relative, and, again, this is something everybody knows. Good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, play proxies for each other. We saw this in our parents, and, they saw it in us. We see it in mathematics, and mathematics sees it in us. Duplicity is the basis for any subject (object).

What we may forget to mention, all of us, is the proxy. Where we are a proxy for both life and death (circumference and diameter of a circle). We can choose either, at any time. Where we all realize, you need both in order to have either.

Complementary Identity (Any X and-or Y)

This means there is a proxy relationship between an individual and a group (where proxy is an alternate word for circular relationship). That is I play yin forcing you to play yang, and-or, vice versa. This is how fights begin (and end.)

Circular Reality

Any opinion about any subject is grounded in the circular (yin-yang) (zero-one) relationship. If I have an opinion about anything, the opposing opinion is, also, always, true. As I play proxy for a circle, I can change my opinion at any time (and half-the-time I will) (I do). The other half, I’ll stick to my guns and you will call me ‘stubborn,’ failing to notice, if you are calling me ‘stubborn,’ some where along the line, you are ‘also,’ ‘stubborn.’ Meaning, you play proxy for a circle, too.

Again, you can’t have yin without yang (zero without one) (any X without Y) (X without X’) (X without an other X). Nothing new here, at all. X plays proxy for Y (at all times). Explaining the proxy relationship between homicide and suicide.

Yin and Yang (Zero and One) (Circumference and Diameter)

So, there it is. The proxy relationship explains, neatly, why things are never what they seem, and, also, why, intuitively, we know this, and we can spot a fallacy (a simple lie) a mile a way.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. No surprises here. Or there.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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