Relative Value

Also known as ‘relative identity.’ Identity in general.

Relative Value (Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash)

Zero and one is X and Y. Because the ‘relative’ is ‘absolute.’

Zero and One
X and Y

This is because the absolute is ‘relative.’ (The constant is a variable.)

Absolute is Relative (And, always, vice versa.)

Meaning complementarity is the basis for identity (relativity in general) because duplicity is the basis for a unit. Any (every)unit.

One and One
One and Two

This explains relative value. The stock market. Markets (exchange) in general. Identity in general. Value in general.

Conservation of the circle (zero and one) (circumference and diameter) is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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