Rethinking Your Relationship to Relationships

First things first. Survival.

Relationship to relationship.

Your basic job is to survive. And, reproduce.

So, no matter what happens, and no matter what anyone else thinks, for you, it’s all about you. And, this applies to all of us.

Generating obstacles in relationships.

So, we are constantly re-evaluating our relationship to relationships. No news here. Except I am saying it out loud (in print).

Survival shares a basic circle with reproduction, and you have to do both, in order to do either. Therefore, nature has your back. In all relationships.

This explains basic physics. Conflict. And resolve.

You already realize, life is 50–50. This gives you the reason, and permission, to use this to your advantage. Expect the 50–50. To show up everywhere. The rest takes care of itself.

Forgive yourself for the half-of-everything that will, and has, gone wrong. Realizing there’s a circular relationship between right and wrong, past and future. 50–50, you’re right there in the middle.

You get this. And you apply it. Naturally. Explaining your relationships. And your relationship to relationships. Most basically, your relationship to your self. Professionally. Personally.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.