Scorpio in the Twelfth House

Death and dreams as (our supra-conscious) ‘reality.’

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We live a supra-conscious ‘reality.’ All of us. Whether we are aware of it (supraconscious) or not.

Reality: Life and Death

From Nature’s point of view, it looks like this:


This is because, from a human’s point of view, death and life articulate an uber-simple (always-present) (always-conserved) circle. Conservation of the Circle is the obvious ‘core’ dynamic in Nature.

Death and Life
Conservation of the Circle

This explains the ancient articulation: Scorpio in the twelfth house.

Let’s untangle.

Continuous Movement

Ancient people in all places tracked the movement of the sun, and, the movement of the moon. This was (and is) the basis for yin and yang. Making ‘Confucious’ the godfather of all religion (actually, there was a ‘Confucious’ figure in all ancient cultures, today described, in tribal religions, as a ‘shaman’).

Shamans in general use the conservation of a circle to produce ‘predictions’ for the ‘future.’ Even though, the shaman (the supra-consious person in all of us) knows, there is no ‘future.’ (Future and past share an always-conserved circle, eliminating both, erasing the whole idea of ‘present.’)

Meaning, everything is moving, even though, nothing, at all, technically, is moving.

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern). Circumference and diameter of a literal (and figurative) (always-conserved) circle.

Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter
Future and Past

Symbolic Ecosystems

Thus, the diagram (and not the ‘words’) provides the basis, and the explanation, for reality in general.

Meaning, ancient people used (as people, today, still, use) symbols to articulate a circle.

This happened before arabic number systems (and ‘roman’ numerals). In general, after yin and yang, man needed a way to articulate the seasons and the sun (and, also, the moon). Explaining how we ended up with so many symbols articulating the same basic dynamic.

Yin and yang, because they articulate a circle, also articulate female and male (again, see the diagram, above) explaining the circular relationship between sex and death. The shortcut in ancient terms: Scorpio in the Eighth House.

A ‘sign’ in any ‘house’ (12 houses) is equivalent to a ‘number’ in any ‘position’ on a clock (12 hours) (12 months).

Sex and Death

Using ‘Signs’ to Articulate a Circle (Zero and One)

So we can decide to name (observe) the time frame from 11pm to 1am as the ‘Twelfth House.’ Where the number twelve(midnight) is in the dead of night opposite the number twelve (noon) which is at the ‘life’ of day. And the same holds true for the eighth house, somewhere around 8pm (opposite 8am). One going toward ‘light (life)’ and the other going toward ‘dark (death).’

So, here you see the superposition (in physics) where the number twelve in our time systems is used to represent the twelfth house (mid point between 11–1) (am and pm) (pm and am) (morning and afternoon) (afternoon and morning). Where all of these ‘pairs’ articulate an uber-simple circle.

Explaining why, and, also, how, we end up with confusing systems (both astrology and physics) (and, also, mathematics) (many ‘signs’ or ‘symbols’ articulating a simple circle, underneath) (proving a line is a circle) (a circumference is a diameter) (you can’t have one without the other) (forcing ‘confusion’ on all of us).

Uber-Simple (Always-Present) (Always-Conserved) Circle

A circle, as we know, then, is the basis for both astrology and mathematics. Physics and astronomy. Technology and biology. Religion and science. Art and life. Sex and death. Complementary identity, in general. (Complementarity in general.) (Identity in general.)

Superposition in Physics-Super-Redundancy in Reality

Meaning, they are all superpositions (redundant descriptions) for, what humans label, in mathematics, ‘pi.’

‘Pi,’ technically, then, is the only ‘observer.’ Meaning, humans are a proxy for ‘pi.’ As is everything in Nature.

Diameter and Circumference

You can notice, before we go futher, the diagram stays the same while the descriptions beneath (and around) the diagram(s) are different. Explaining the circular relationship between ‘constant’ and ‘variable.’

Constant and Variable

Everything is a Proxy for Pi

So, the twelfth house is a way of describing ‘pi.’ Nothing more or less. This puts you into (your) (the) supra-conscious state (first you will be confused) (and, then it will clear) (a light-bulb will go off inside of you) (you’ll move from death to life, metaphorically). (Where everything, actually, is a metaphor for a circle.)

As I tell you we use 360 degrees to articulate a circle (in geometry) and this, also, goes back to ancient times, where ancient people used base six (or base sixty) to keep track of ‘time’ and ‘counting in general.’

360 divides the circle into twelve threes times ten (decimal system). This gives us one to twelve. Numbers around a circle (also known as a clock). (And, a calendar.) (And, also, no accident, a compass.) No surprises. They both articulate, and, thus, conserve, a circle. More super-positional systems (and more confusion.)

Clock, Calendar, Compass

Scorpio (November) articulates the midpoint between October and December, which, as a ‘threesome,’ is midpoint between the threesomes July-August-September and January-February-March. Solstice (June 21) and December 21). Equinox (March 21) and (September 21).

Meaning, you can see now, all of these ‘different’ symbolic (eco) systems articulate the same underlying ‘reality.’ The circular relationship between a solstice (the number one) (circumference) and an equinox (the number two) (diameter).

Symbolic Ecosystem

In the way that two different languages use different symbols to articulate the exact same ‘reality.’

Dreams and Death (Dreams of Death)

The twelfth house, then, is the house of ‘dreams.’ While the eighth house is the house of ‘death.’ This corresponds to the seasons on the earth (calendar). And the time within a ‘day’ (clock).

Thus, when Scorpio is in the house of ‘dreams,’ technically, death is in the house of dreams (we’re about to wake up). (The eighth house is in the twelfth house.) (Eight and twelve articulate a circle.) (The death of dreams (dreams of death) articulate(s) a circle.)

Death and Dreams

This means, we can forget about the names, and use the diagram (if we really want) to figure out what is, really, going on. Around us. Within us.

Circumference and Diameter

Zero and one is circumference and diameter. Technically, you can translate zero and one, into any ‘pair.’ Therefore, if you say, Scorpio in the Twelfth house, you are saying ‘conservation of a circle.’ (A circle is conserved, with any ‘pair.’)

Translating this to more normal (mathematics) day and night (1 and 0), then, are the same, even though they are, appearing (we observe them) ‘different.’


This explains why dreams are the ‘present’ experience of ‘death.’ That is, we go to sleep each night (we die) and we wake up each morning (we are alive again). Again, an uber-simple circle, is repeated in all systems, over and over and over. (Life is but a dream.)

Disciplinary Selection: Using Different Symbols to Articulate the Same Reality

This explains why physicists do not use astrology for their predictions.

It also explains why astrologers do not use physics for their predictions.

It also explains why music (astrology) and mathematics (physics) are, definitely, related. (Circle of Fifths) (Circle in General) (Cycles in General) (Circuits in General)

Physics and Astrology
Music and Mathematics

It also explains why we can get along with each other, no matter the sign (no matter what time it is) (no matter what day, or month) half-the-time. The other half, well, you already know.

50–50, no matter what, is the constant and the norm. Despite how you may ‘feel’ at the moment. You know, and all of us know, our ‘feelings’ will, definitely, change. And, actually, if we want to, we can change them at will, at any time. (We can ignore the 50% of the time when things go ‘against’ us.) (We can ignore the 50% of people that we cannot stand (that cannot stand us)).

Especially once we realize, it’s because you have to have two opposing points of view, in order to articulate (and conserve) an uber-simple circle.


This explains what ‘Scorpio’ in the twelfth house really means: death and dreams depend on life (and, always, vice versa). Because awake and asleep (aware, and not-aware) (intuition and intellect) articulate an uber-simple (always-conserved) circle.

At the end, and the beginning, of the ‘day,’ then, we’re all about (we articulate) (and we are controlled by) the circle.


Thus pi controls reality. At all times. In all disciplines. In all ‘houses.’ In all ‘signs.’ In all symbolic ecosystems. For all people. Places. Things.

Conservation of the circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature. Explaining why ‘Scorpio’ ends up in the twelfth house (eventually). (Why Scorpio ‘dreams’ constantly, about ‘sex’ and ‘death.’) Why Scorpio (any sign) leaves the twelfth house, eventually. Only to return.



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