Scorpio Rising: The Explanation for Duplicity

How (and why) astrology affects (predicts) behavior. Universally.

Scorpio rising. (Photo by Alexander Krivitski)

Solstice and Equinox, The Numbers One and Two.

Every person is born on a solstice, and conceived on an equinox. Meaning, the sun (solstice) controls the person’s external ‘reality’ (birth), and the moon (equinox) controls the person’s inner ‘reality’ (conception). Where the word ‘sun’ articulates the number ‘one,’ and the word ‘moon’ articulates the number ‘two’ (not-one).

Where ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ (solstice and equinox) articulate (and, therefore, must conserve, an uber-basic ‘circle’). What a human experiences as the ‘sexual connection.’ Why Scorpio is the sign of sex (and death), and why any point on any circle is sex (beginning) in a circle with death (end).

Where ‘solstice’ articulates‘the number ‘one,’ and equinox articulates the number ‘two.’ Where ‘conception’ involves a ‘two’ to make a ‘one,’ and, birth involves a ‘one’ to make a (brand new) ‘two.’ Where ‘Scorpio’ joins, and separates, the sun and moon, meaning, every point on a circle is the ‘mid-point,’ independent of its symbolic name (Scorpio-not-Scorpio).

Conception and birth.

Astrology and Mathematics

This explains the ‘rising’ sign in astrology, where beginning and end are relative to each other, and, not-necessarily, absolute. And, also, why astrology was the ‘queen’ of mathematics, and, also, physics, before ‘mathematics,’ and ‘physics,’ became the ‘king’ of (overtook astrology as the basis for) astronomy (physics and technology).

Again, astrology and mathematics, mathematics and physics, articulate, and, therefore, must conserve, an uber-basic ‘circle.’ No matter where you are, what discipline you use, you can’t escape (you’re always on) a circle. No matter what you call it, how you ‘symbolize’ it, radiation, rotation, revolution, spin, charge, polarity, for example. Reality and Nature are excessively redundant.

This also explains the ‘circular’ relationship between geometry and arithmetic. Where, again, because they both require the circular relationship of ‘linear’ and ‘cyclical,’ (diameter and circumference), you need both to have either.

Zero and one. One and two. Circumference and diameter.

Mathematics and Physics

Zero and one is, necessarily, one and two. Symbolizing the circular relationship called ‘beginning’ and ‘end.’

So, toward the end of ‘fall,’ we experience a ‘celebration’ of ‘death.’ Which goes way far back in ‘time,’ (if you believe in ‘time’) to tribal celebrations of (thanksgiving for) the renewing seasons, and the ‘sun.’ A constant ‘zero’ turning into ‘one,’ and-or vice versa.

Again, life and death, no matter what you ‘call it,’ where, or when, it ‘happens,’ like everything else in Nature, articulate (and must conserve) an uber-simple circle (again, a solstice and an equinox). Relativity, in general.

Life and death.

Physics and Psychology

This explains the circular relationship between form and substance, mind and matter, philosophy and physics.

Again, you cannot have form without substance, mind without matter, philosophy without physics (and, always, vice versa). A cycle without a circle (and, always, again, vice versa).

Any X and-or Y articulate, and, thus, conserve, a circular relationship. The ‘next’ phase (only phase) of ‘knowledge:’

Form and substance, Mind and matter.
Philosophy and physics. Circular relationship.

Psychology and Philosophy

All disciplines,then, revolve around the articulation of a ‘unit,’ because you cannot have a ‘unit’ without a ‘circular’ relationship (between one unit and an other). Explaining why we have so many ‘units’ (ways of differentiating ‘units’) in Nature (physics, mathematics, reality).

Or, an ‘other’ way of saying this is, complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit because a simple circle is conserved. X and X is X and X’. Necessarily.

Again, you can’t have ‘one’ without an ‘other.’ Both without either. This is, again, because a simple circle has control. Explaining opposition in general (universally). The self-sufficient state. The need to retain ‘control.’ Personally, professionally, sexually.

X and X. X and X’. Opposition universally. Self-sufficient state.

Philosophy and Reality

This explains (and dictates) relativity, conservation, and the ‘archetype.’ Where yin and yang is zero and one. And zero and one is X and-or Y. Introvert is extrovert (50–50). Active is passive (50–50). Intellectual is emotional (50–50.) Again, where you can’t have one without the other.

Again, Scorpio rising, for example, articulates the movement from the fall equinox to the winter solstice. Or, more correctly, the summer solstice to the winter solstice (hot to cold) (extrovert to introvert) (active to passive) (intellectual to emotional) (fire to water) (life to death) (50 to 50) (to and from).

Again, many different word-pairs, one simple explanation (the articulation and conservation of a circle). The ‘relativity of a circle,’ the ‘conservation of a circle,’ the archetypes on a circle.

Solstice and equinox. Life and death.
Active and passive. Extrovert and introvert.
Intellectual and emotional.50 and 50.

Reality and ‘Light’

This explains ‘light’ as a constant variable where ‘light’ is ‘line’ and ‘variable’ is (a constant) ‘circle.’

Because the line is always both diameter and circumference of an uber-simple (always present) circle. Proving, technically, light (and-or dark) has nothing, whatsoever, to do with anything (everything) (except to symbolize a circle).

Why ‘Scorpio’ (rising or falling) is the ‘archetype’ for ‘death’ and ‘regeneration’ (constant ‘sex’) (the midpoint between equinox and solstice).

Light-dark. Constant-variable. Equinox and solstice.

‘Light’ and Ambiguity

This proves we need an ambiguous representation if we want to understand ‘reality.’

Notice, the diagram above, is an ambiguous representation of light and dark (any X and or Y.)

Explaining why if you go ‘light’ I am forced to go ‘dark.’ Yin and yang are X and Y (X and X’). And, always, vice versa (everybody’s 50–50 light and dark).

Ambiguous representational abstraction.

Ambiguity and Multiplicity (Duplicity in General)

So, if you take the time to think this through, you will realize that ‘pi,’ then, controls reality. Why everything is 50–50. Which allows you to understand, then, all of the behavior in your own ‘reality.’

Your behavior. My behavior. Nature’s behavior.

Everybody’s behavior (duplicity in general).

Behavior. Universally.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.



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