Scorpion: The Only Animal that Can Kill Itself with its Tail

Plowing through the ‘metaphor…’

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A scorpion is the only animal that can kill its ‘self’ with its tail. It looks like this:

Life and (or) Death
Death and (or) Life

Sex and Death: Metaphors for a Circle

Meaning ‘Scorpio’ in astrology is a metaphor for the fixed circular relationship between ‘sex and death.’ Thus, the scorpion. A metaphor for the (required) circular relationship between ‘life’ and ‘death.’

Where all of us begin with ‘sex’ and end with ‘death,’ and Scorpio occurs at the time of year when everything dies to prepare for the time when everything comes to life.

Again, articulating (reminding us to remember) (that everything’s a metaphor for) the conservation of an uber-simple circle.

Sex (Life and Death)

Calendars and Clocks: Relative and Absolute

November separates (and joins) October and December (fall and winter) (equinox and solstice). The ancient metaphorical calendar (universal clock) used ‘Scorpio’ to articulate the ‘death happening’ in November.

Therefore, Scorpio separates (and joins) Libra and Sagittarius. Further metaphor: water joins (and separates) air and fire (where it is impossible to have one of these without the others).

What does all of this mean?

Years are separated (and joined) by December and January (twelve and one). Meaning everything is separated, and joined, by ‘pi.’


This is because traditional calendars and clocks use 360 degrees in a circle to neatly delineate months (and hours) (60 degrees each) (12 of each). Where any month articulates any other month, from a circle’s point of view.

Explaining why some people believe in astrology and others do not. Just like some people believe in mathematics, and others do not.

Suicide and Homicide: Life and Death

Scorpio can commit suicide (also known as homicide) (the great escape) because, even though we move sequentially from one to twelve, where one signifies ‘beginning,’ and twelve signifies ‘end,’ there is a forced (fixed) circular relationship between beginning and end (between any X and Y).

Meaning, in all disciplines, there is a circular relationship between ‘life’ and ‘death.’ (One and zero in general.) (Where, one is, actually zero, and zero is, actually, one.)

Meaning, no beginning, no end, no suicide, no homicide. No zero. No one.

Suicide and Homicide (Life and Death) (One and Zero) (Diameter and Circumference)

Explaining why some people are murderers (they are reminding all of us of the forced, fixed, circular relationship between life and death)(happiness and anger). (Sex and death, if you want to go there (use this metaphor, instead).) (ALL metaphors articulate, and, thus, conserve, a circle.)

Circular Reality: Absolute Relativity (Complemetary Identity)

Meaning we are, all of us, bound by the circular relationship between life and death, and we can, all of us, decide to commit suicide, to ‘overcome’ (or escape) the ‘reality’ called ‘death.’ Or, ‘life.’

When we are, actually, always, doing Nature’s business (conserving an uber-simple circle) (death doesn’t accomplish, or change, anything). Because, from a circle’s point of view, there is no life or death.

Also, in general, you cannot have life without death (death without life) (because complementary identity articulates a circle and, always, vice versa) (it’s Nature we’re rebelling against) (angry at) (trying to understand) (at all times).

Meaning, no matter what we think, or do, a circle has control (will produce the opposite). Explaining the doppelganger, the nemesis, the anti-Christ, the anti-hero, the anathema, the enemy, the adversary, the antagonist, opposition in general.

Conservation of a Circle

Conservation of a Circle

Explaining why everything is relative, and the circle, as we know from ancient times, is the only absolute. (The constant is a variable.)

Meaning you cannot have a zero without a one. In actuality, a zero is a one (circumference is diameter). The variable is constant (absolute zero is perpetual motion).

Conservation of the circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Why the scorpion uses its tail to commit suicide (and homicide). (Why we all have a self-destructive side.)



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