Seeking Alpha

What does it mean?

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Everything in finance is an abstraction. Until it isn’t. Meaning money is the circular relationship between a purchase and a sale. Which is, technically, an abstraction (no matter what you do about it) (no matter whether you are a buyer or a seller) (you have to be one or the other). If, neither, then, both.

Conservation of a Circle

This is because the abstraction always looks like this:


Which is the circular relationship between something concrete and something abstract:

Concrete Abstraction

This is because between (and around) every buyer and seller there is a mandatory circle. Conservation of the Circle, to be, technically, correct:

Conservation of a Circle


Which explains why you don’t need ‘earnings’ to produce ‘alpha…’:

Expectation and Reality

That is, a buyer is always engaged by (has a circular relationship with) his or her expectation about reality. This demands a tangible relationship with ‘time.’

Time and Space (Abstract and Concrete)

Meaning you cannot have tangible without intangible (explaining the value of intangible assets) (alpha in general).

Tangible and Intangible

Complementary Identity

This is because complementary identity (conservation of an uber-simple circle) is what produces, what a human labels, Reality. Financial and otherwise. Complementary identity, for example, produces the buyer and the seller. Thus, ‘alpha.’

Complementary Identity

Therefore, we’re, all of us, always ‘seeking alpha.’ Where ‘alpha’ is the circular relationship between expectation and realty. Producing, over time, a mutually-beneficial ‘reality’ for all (both ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’).


Where you cannot have one without the other (both without either) because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter (zero without one) (one without two).

Zero and One
One and Two

Buy and-or Sell

Thus, ‘pi’ is the basic asset in finance. Which explains, why, we ‘sell to open,’ and ‘buy to close,’ in order to complete the corresponding liability (cover our assets) (produce alpha).

Pi (Sell to Open) (Buy to Close) (Alpha) (Beta)

And, that’s all there is to ‘alpha.’ And ‘beta.’ Everything in finance. Everything in Reality. Everything in Nature. (All of the ‘greeks’ that describe the basic operation (comparison) called Nature.)

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature. Explaining why, and, also, how, we are, always, ‘seeking’ ‘alpha.’




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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