Separation and Differentiation: How It Happens, Where It Comes From

A circle separates (and joins) one thing from (and to) another

Separation and duplication.

A universal circle is the basis for separation and differentiation (differentiation and integration) because X and X is, also, X and X’. Proof is camouflage in nature (biomimicry) (co-evolution).

Therefore, pi is the basis point. Pi is the basis for everything (circularity is involved in everything) especially duplication (repetition, reproduction, sequence). Pi, from a human’s point of view, is the space all around us, and the mathematical name for, what a human calls, mind.

This means, from nature’s point of view (from a circle’s point of view) there is no separation (nothing called differentiation) (or duplication). A circle can only circle (and only a circle can circle). This is the basis for identity (complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit) (a circle conserves complementarity and vice versa). An individual always shares a basic circle with a group, therefore, a circle is the basis (correct name) for both unit, and group.