Seven TV Shows that Prove Universal Circularity

Everything has two sides: the circle is conserved…
  1. Breaking Bad: We all do what we have to do to survive (two is the magic number) (we all have two sides) (everybody lies).

2. Housewives of New Jersey: Your best friend (boyfriend, sibling, parent) will turn on you (duality is universal).

3. Big Bang theory: Life is 50–50 uncertain, sometimes this is funny, other times not so much (uncertainty is constant) (the big bang goes on forever).

4. Dancing with the Stars: The word star has many meanings (everything is relative) (the winner shares a circle with a loser) (complementarity is the basis for identity) (we’re always dancing with the stars) (revolution, rotation) (gravity) (hidden circle in the background) (50–50 winner-loser, all of us) (dancing around in circles).

5. Snapped, Law and Order, Dateline: Everyone has a criminal within (security is uncertain, relative, based on insecurity) (it won’t happen to me) (sure) (crime eliminates nothing).

6. Sixty Minutes: There’s a conspiracy going on at all times (two sides to every story) (no matter what) (both sides are continually true) (media presents one side, or the other) (we all know this).

7. Alaskan Bush People: You can’t get away from it all (it’s always something) (we are all in a circular relationship with nature) (life and death, zero and one)(50–50 explains everything) (life is a self-fulfilling prophesy) (it ain’t fun, half-the-time).

Duality, universality, relativity, uncertainty, security, identity, and actuality articulate a circle. 50–50 makes it all irrelevant (unnecessarily stressful) (livable) (predictable).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.