So. You Want to Be A Venture Capitalist?

A guardian of the galaxy? Correct?

Conservtion of control.

Everyone wants to be in control of money. Because, most basically, money controls us. All of us.

So, it’s easy to understand why the ultimate goal, for many, is to become a venture capitalist. They are focused on the upside. And, completely ignoring the downside. And, yes, there is a downside (to everything).

Yes. If you are around the VC universe, you will learn everything you want, or need, to know about money. You will learn things that will surprise, and worry, you. You will develop better (or worse) people skills. You will figure out if you have what it takes to stay in for the long haul. You will figure out if you will make more money as a VC or as a VC recipient, on your own.

You will learn all of the ‘inside secrets’ to monetizing time (the circular relationship between money and time).

There’s a circular relationship beneath (and controlling) all of this. A circular relationship between you and the venture, capitalist. You, and, the zero and the one. You, and the survival, and reproduction, of the zero, and the one. The venture capitalist’s relationship to the (reproduction and survival of) zero and one.

So, this means, from nature’s point of view, we’re all venture capitalists, whose purpose is to reproduce, the zero and the one. And, if you don’t see this, and-or understand it, it’s best, perhaps, to stay away from, the venture capitalists. Until you understand, more deeply, the zero. And the one.

But this won’t deter anyone. Too much sexiness right now in venture capital. And, the power, and control. And, after, all, isn’t that what a venture capitalist is really after? Power. And control?


But, no.

The circular relationship beneath all things is what is after all the power, and control. Money included. Because the circular relationship, known to all of us as, a zero and a one, already has all the power and control. It has to reproduce, a zero, and a one, (money, control, power) in order to survive.

And this is, really, why, you want to become. A. Venture. Capitalist. Why the venture capitalist wants you to want to become a venture capitalist. Zero and one is circumference and diameter and circularity is involved in, and controls, everything.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. Finance and technology included (especially).