Survival: The ‘Truth’

Ilexa Yardley
Jun 13 · 4 min read

We are not going to survive. And, basically, we all know this.

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Denial of Death

The Denial of Death, written by, Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernest Becker, points out, succinctly (just read the title, forget about the book), mankind, and man in general (men and women in general), must deny the reality of death in order to survive. He says we all engage in a ‘causa sui’ project (a meaning-for-life project) while we are, patiently, waiting to die.

He is a little more eloquent, and measured in his argument, since his book was written, most basically, for an academic audience. However, the message is universal, and clear, and, everybody, already, knows it: we are, all of us, no matter what we do, destined for death. Giving us, oddly, a reason for life.

And this is proven, gratuitously, by the conservation of a circle. Meaning, no matter what happens in, what a human labels, ‘the universe’ (any universe, actually), life and death articulate, because they continually conserve, an uber basic circle:

Life and Death (Circumference and Diameter)

Reason for Life

Thus, in an industral society, the causa-sui project is ‘technology,’ more recently, crypto-technology, where the zero is a one (and the one is a zero), meaning, the cryptology (or cryptography) here is: zero and one articulate a circle (thus death and life) (female and male).

Again, the circular relationship between sex and death. Where the diagram shows us a cryptic male and female having sex (to, on some level, reproduce another male and female, so the circle of life can continue).

OK Great. So now we know. What to do about it?

Sex and Death (Crypto-Technology)

50–50 (Everything)

Well, take the lack of water in the western US, for example. Lots of people moving into an area where there isn’t, technically, enough water to support them. Thus, the call to arms called: global warming.

Except, again, we all know, the earth (and all of the planets) rotate and revolve in (circular) space, producing ‘radiation,’ and, thus, light, and heat.

So light and heat cycles are not constant because there is a measure of chaos (randomness) involved. This again depends upon the conservation of a circle, since zero and one (circumference and diameter), despite what you are ‘taught,’ produce an even 50–50 (and an eventual ‘wave function’).

(0 (1) 0)

SpaceTime ‘Reality’

So, lots of people now, are thinking about going to ‘space,’ when, we all, already, know, it is impossible for humans to survive in (what we currently think of as) ‘space.’

Time and Space

That is, there is no such thing as time without space because there is no such thing as a diameter without a circumference, meaning, it’s the circle that survives, and controls everything. No matter what humans ‘think’ or ‘do.’

So, death becomes a defense-mechanism for life and life becomes a defense-mechanism for death. And this has a nifty application within the micro-processor.

Half Time

Where zero is, half-the-time, one. Again, no matter what we do.


So crypto-currency philosophers (and experts) are focused now on producing a unversal income strategy that allows a human to survive (and, eventually, evolve).

This will, obviously, succeed. Just look at the diagram to prove so.

Hash Functions

That is, there is a forced (always-conserved) circular relationship between an individual and a group (explaining hash functions of any kind), thus, we know, for sure, we will, eventually, redesign our ‘processor’ environment (and our societal ‘obligations’) to mimic the diagram.

MicroProcessor (IOP)

And that’s the truth about survival. Nothing new here. Really. (Except the diagram is all there is to ‘reality.’) So, make of it what you will (causa sui).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature.

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The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.