The Abstract Thinker

If you are a coder, you have an edge.

Abstract and concrete thought.

There is a circular relationship between abstract and concrete thought. A concrete thinker thinks in terms of physical objects also known as concrete objects. An abstract thinker thinks in terms of symbolic objects also known as abstract objects.

An abstract thinker has no problem understanding the circular relationship between physical and symbolic (concrete and abstract) objects.

A coder must work with symbols as physical objects, and physical objects as symbols. This proves there is a circular relationship involved, and, it also proves the coder is a circular thinker. Going one step further, it proves the coder is a circle (because the coder shares a circle with code).

Meaning it is very easy for the abstract thinker, if you slow him-her-it down, to turn a circle into a circle. Any X and-or Y, then, especially for an abstract thinker, reduces, and expands, into, and, to, one circle. A naturally conserved circle.

This abstract circle is extended to the universe of abstract, and, concrete, thought. That is, there is a mandatory, conserved, circle between the universe of thought, and the universe of physical (or concrete, if you will) reality. This means, there is no universe, no physical or concrete reality, no code, no coder, no abstract, or concrete thought (from the circle’s point of view) and, it is easy for the abstract thinker to see, then, pi is the only thinker (universe) (object in the universe). A circle is the correct name for any object, abstract or concrete.

Or, put another way, pi controls the abstract thinker, and the abstract thinker’s thoughts. There is a line, diameter and circumference of a circle, between any X and-or Y, turning all X and Y into a circle, therefore, many circles in a circle with one circle. A 50–50 circle (50–50 everything).

Again, the abstract thinker is able, easily, to see a circle between (and around) any X and-or Y. Meaning any X and-or Y conserves a circle, and, therefore, is a circle. This eliminates redundancy, and fungibility, as obstacles to understanding what is really happening all around us. And what the human labels ‘thought.’

A circle, can only circle, and only a circle can circle. So X and Y are, from the circle’s point of view, diameter and circumference. And this is how we get to zero and one (abstract and concrete).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (and the only dynamic in reality) (abstract and-or concrete).