The Basis for Attraction (and Reaction)

X to-and-from Y articulate an uber-basic circle.

Zero. And. One.

X to-and-from Y articulate an uber-basic circle. Meaning, you cannot have an action without a reaction, and, these are, necessarily, circular. This proves the conservation of a circle (is the core dynamic in nature). Attraction. Reaction.

It, also, means, you can think through any action, without entangling it with someone else’s action. A simpler way of saying this is you can ignore anything you want. Reaction. Attraction.

Everything starts (and ends) with a 50–50 system, because technology is the core driver in nature. Where technology is dependent on a zero and a one. And a zero and a one are dependent on a global X and Y (also known as man and his relationship to the sun).

Zero and one are circumference and diameter, virtual and real, meaning virtual and real (mind and matter) (abstract and concrete) expose the circular relationship called ‘sun.’ And, also ‘one.’ So, there it is. Action. Reaction. Attraction.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (responsible for zero, and, one) (zero to-and-from one).