The Best Productivity Tool

Effective use of your mind.

Mind and matter. (Photo by Sylvain Reygaerts)

There’s a circular relationship between mind and matter. Meaning, you are carrying around a virtual persona within. This is your best productivity tool. You can mold, or shape, your virtual persona, into anything you like.

X and Y are zero and one. Zero and one are circumference and diameter. Also, known, as, in the human system, female and male.

All of these revolve around a circle. Basic reproduction. Repetition. Sequence. You can reproduce anything because your mind is the basis for reproduction (formally, technically, technologically, mind is, mathematically, pi).

Pi joins, and separates, diameter and circumference. Because diameter and circumference cannot be separated (and-or joined). This leaves us with an uber-basic circle. Meaning, everything is 50–50.

You can use this to your advantage. You have to think about it first. And, then, it’s easy to apply it.

You will, on your own, come to a very important conclusion: 50–50 is good odds. 50–50 is bad odds. (There are no odds on a circle.)

You are where you are thinking you want to go. So, just go there. Enjoy life.

Your mind will deliver whatever you want. And, whatever you need.

The rest takes care of itself.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.