The Big Bang

Did the universe really start with a bang?


Did the universe really start with a bang? Depends on what you mean by universe. Let’s start with reality.

Lots of banging going on in reality. Known as sex. And war. There is a circular relationship between sex and war, both involve explosions. Both involve a circle. Conservation. Of. A circle.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a big (or little) bang. Just a circle in the background with a foreground. Any foreground. Meaning, the circle is responsible for reproduction, thus sex. Sex conserves a circle, and this is, extremely, easy (painfully, obvious) to see. Every spring you will see tons and tons of bangs, also known as flowers. Their job? Attract a partner. For sex.

So, if sex conserves a circle, and a bang is involved in sex, then how does this fit into the universe?

The universe is a circle. We could end right here. But that would never satisfy the big bangers. Let’s change this, and, say, the universe is a cycle (where, we really mean, a circle). Now we’re back to zero and one (in a very basic cycle) (more correctly articulated, circle).

So, X and Y is zero and one, circumference and diameter, explaining the cosmological constant (which has to be pi). And, also, the most basic cycle. So we want to know where else can we find pi in our universe.

Pi is the mathematical name (and proof) for mind. This means there is mind in the universe (all universes). You could say mind controls all universes (and this would be true). You are really saying pi controls all universes, and, this would, also, be, true. And, this solves the problem of big (and little) bangs. Pi knows nothing about a bang. Pi knows all about sex. So, binary systems (in the universe) show us how the universe has sex (sometimes they bang, and others, not-so-much). Binary and decimal share a circular relationship.

This means we have to go to radiation, rotation, revolution, and, all of these are circles, meaning, you can’t use a circle to detect a bang. You have to use a circle to detect a circle. Meaning complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit and this explains big (and little) bang.

The speed of light is not a constant (a constant is, always, a variable). The speed of light is light, as a constant line, where line is both diameter, and circumference, of a circle (explaining stars, planets, universes) everything. Time and space articulate, and, thus, conserve, a circle.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.