The Billionaire

Intelligent Anarchist…

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A billionaire wants one thing. Freedom.

Maybe two. Autonomy.

Maybe three. Independence.

This means, technically, a billionaire is an intelligent anarchist. That is, he or she, wants to be ‘in the system’ yet ‘out of the system’ at the same time.

In and Out

This is intriguing. To say the least. Because this is what all of us want. To be in and out of ‘the system’ at the same time.

That is, we want to enjoy the benefits and strengths and we want to sidestep, or ignore, the drawbacks (of any system).

Most of us believe, or, to be more technical, half of us believes, this is possible, if we have enough, or more than enough, money. Translate: billionaire: enough or more than enough money.

A billionaire knows an asset is a liability (and vice versa). Meaning, ok, once he, or she, has a net worth, or, even better, a cash value, of a billion dollars or more, he, or she, has established a liability. Meaning, he, or she, has to figure out what to do with the net worth or cash value.

Asset and Liability

This may not be as easy as you (or we) think.

First of all a billion of anything is, technically, non-existent. Billion is an arbitrary value that humans assign to something. Asset and-or liability.

This arbitrary value is, technically, and definitely, arbitrary. Meaning it is at best, and at worst, an abstraction.

An abstraction is, technically, not real. So, we have to get into physics (and philosophy) (and also psychology) in order to work this out (think it through).

Abstractions share a circular relationship with something concrete. Always.

So, we can begin (and end) with the abstraction for abstraction (as a noun) and abstract (as a verb).

Circular Relationship between Abstract and Concrete

This automatically proves ‘pi’ is the mathematical abstraction for, what humans label, ‘mind.’ Your mind. My mind. Universal mind.

Where mind then is an abstraction attached to a concrete reality (as the diagram shows and proves).

The diagram is a concrete abstraction that shows you what your mind looks like (and also your brain) to Nature. (And, to mathematicians.)

It also shows you what the accumulation of a billion dollars looks like:

Accumulate a Billion$

This is because any noun and-or verb articulates (and must conserve) a circle. Thus, a billion dollars is one dollar circulated (or cycled) (multiplied) many times.

This explains why people believe they can use technology to become billionaires (technology is based on a circumference and diameter (a zero and a one)). Zeroes and ones circulating (or cycled) (multiplied) (recycled) many times.

So now you know the technicals behind a billionaire, and, also, becoming a billionaire. Explaining why you can be a billionaire without being a billionaire (go back to having enough or more than enough money).

Enough and-or More than Enough

But first, remember, no matter what you do (say or think) Conservation of the Circle has you covered (is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature).

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Think it through:



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