The Breakdown of ‘Reality’

To be expected. If you understand ‘reality.’

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Political chaos ensues. In the USA. For a very simple reason: Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

Conservation of the Circle

Complementary Identity

This means left and right is joined, and separated, by a circle. An uber-simple circle. An always-present (always-conserved) circle.

Left and Right

Which means, from Nature’s point of view, it is impossible to have left without right, right without left. You need both to have either. And, you need either to have both. Exposing the ‘real’ reason for the eventual ‘breakdown’ of ‘reality.’

It is called complementary identity. Where every ‘identity’ in ‘reality’ is bound by (derived from) (proxy for) the conservation of a circle. An ‘alternative’ or ‘counter’ identity. Where, technically, then, pi is the ‘real’ (and the only) identity. (Thus, it is impossible to have ‘true identity’ without ‘false identity.’) (Think: Jason Bourne)

Meaning, all of us have ‘two’ identities (we’re all (guilty of) fake news) (we’re all half-left, half-right) (we’re all half-right, half-wrong)(50–50 is the constant and the norm).

Complementary Identity (True and False) (Right and Left) (Right and Wrong)

Chaos is the Norm

That is X and Y is zero and one. And zero and one is one and two (or two and three). This simple sentence reminds us that it is impossible to have order without chaos. Explaining the ‘breakdown’ of ‘reality’ that we are now witnessing in the 2020 US election cycle. Where ‘chaos’ is endemic to all systems.

This will lead, eventually, to a total reconsideration of ‘democracy’ (and the whole idea of ‘republic’ in general). Once it is well-understood, and, more generally accepted in mainstream science (physics, especially).

This is, technically, because underneath it all, a noun, and, also, a verb, in any language, and in any discipline, is a circle. Circle as a noun. Circle as a verb. Proving that the human’s idea of ‘unit’ is not-at-all ‘stationary’ (static does not, technically, exist).

Circle (Noun and Verb)

Symbolic Repression

This explains why language does not help us to resolve relationships and-or arguments. In fact, language, because it represents a circle (plays proxy for a circle) (is based on complementary identity), causes arguments.

Explaining why humans resort to ‘laws,’ ‘judges,’ legal systems, in general (which, also, eventually, break down).

It is, because, we have not figured out, as of yet, that ‘pi’ is in control of reality. Dividing everything into ‘two,’ (think Noah’s ark). Causing conflict. And, the hope for resolution, in general (the impossibility of resolution, in general).

It is also why humans must ‘program’ themselves to think in lingual and mathematical (symbolic) terms.

Symbolic Existence

Rethinking Reality in General

Meaning, technology will force all of us to rethink our ‘understandings’ around ‘reality.’ Zero and one (modern) is yin and yang (ancient). (The literal interpretation of quantum mechanics.)

It will (or, it may) take a long time before the conservation of a circle is recognized as the core dyanamic in Nature.

This is because the conservation of a circle is the core dyanamic in Nature.


Deeper Thinking Required of All of Us (Impossible)

And if you, really, want to understand why ‘reality’ is breaking down(why chaos ensues, whenever there’s a ‘change’), you have to dig more deeply into understanding ‘the conservation of a circle.’

Which demands that ‘reality’ break down.

This is because humans depend on observation to understand, code, and decode, ‘reality.’ Even though, because a simple circle is conserved, observation can only give a ‘partial’ (50–50) view.

However, because the circle is conserved, you will be unable to convince even one human of that.

Observation (Observer)

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining ‘breakdowns’ (chaos) in general.



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